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The GATEWAY / a Portal for Growth & Wellness

10401 Venice Blvd, Suite 202 (2nd Fl) · West Los Angeles, CA

How to find us

NW corner at Gateway Blvd, Ground Fl. Entry from Outdoor Patio Area. Free Parking directly behind building.

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Ready to Step into Your Power and Shine?

Attend this
High Vibration Transformational Event [See Leah's Info Page Here (]
Saturday & Sunday March 30 & 31st 9:30AM to 6PM
Optional Bonus Day "Abundance Expansion Breakthrough" Monday April 1st (Prerequisite: preceding 2-Day Awakening to Your Inner Power Event)

This Event offers you access to a powerful community of like-minded individuals who will genuinely support you in your success and evolution as it opens and deepens your psychic and intuitive abilities.

Here’s why you want to attend The Awakening To Your Inner Power Live Event… You will:
Open and deepen all of your psychic and intuitive abilities Connect to your own spiritual guides to assist you in manifesting your purpose Help others by learning how to read them and give them guidance Receive clear guidance for yourself Gain clarity on your life purpose and steps to implement it Learn how to be a conscious voice channel to bring through higher wisdom and guidance Heal past life blocks to help you clear current issues Break Free of your fears and attachments so you can step into the spotlight and express your brilliance and much more...
During the Optional Bonus Day April 1st You Will:
Discover what your boundaries are that are holding you back and keeping you stuck from receiving more abundance and making a greater impact in your business, no matter what you do or how hard you try Shift out of an old paradigm that has been holding you back and exponentially propel you forward into creating unlimited success. Learn the secret to transform any situation from chaos to success Receive exercises, handouts and a binder to assist you on your journey Steps to take in your new paradigm to support your purpose moving forward
March 30-31st: $497 [Special Opportunity for Gateway Members to Come by Donation for this Powerful Life Changing Event. No one turned away.]
Upgrade Bonus Day: $127

To Secure Your Space as a GATEWAY Member, or for Questions email
leah [@] spirit-view [.] com ([masked])

From Leah Levkowitz [website (]:
So who am I? I’m just like you. I had a desire to communicate directly with Spirit and God to give me Guidance and Direction to fulfill my Soul’s Purpose. Once I asked, everything in my life changed. I have spent the last 6 years on an amazing journey, seeing how the universe brought me together with just the right teachers at the right time. Once I began communicating with and channeling spirit, a whole new world opened up.
It has at times been challenging, letting go of all of my old learned programming that was not serving me anymore. It is all part of the process to mastering our human experience. I went through this process of learning directly with my spirit guides and God so I could help you. So, I asked God if I should write a book or get some degree or certificate in order to teach others and God told me no! The reason is that my mission and purpose is to make it simple that anyone can have a direct connection to Spirit Guides, Angels and God no matter who you are or what you do. You just need the desire.
I look forward to helping you Breakthrough to Brilliance so together we can transform the world.
Location: Map to The GATEWAY Portal (
Free Parking in attached lot directly behind building first come first serve. When/if full, street parking.
Housekeeping Notes from Host Location, The GATEWAY:
* Thank you for honoring No Food or Eating or Drinks other than water in containers with lids inside the offices or workshop space of The GATEWAY.
* Cell phones silenced as you enter The GATEWAY Quiet Zones please. Thank you.
* The GATEWAY Portal practices and asks you, its attendees to join us in upholding a no perfume policy as possible. We also practice and ask all to adhere to a no candle and no incense burning policy for those sensitive to synthetic smells as well as for lessening our harmful carbon footprint impact on the environment. Please note that practitioners are permitted to burn a naturally sun dried herb called sage to clean the space energetically. & lastly where candles are part of a sacred ritual, safe, non-scented candles are permitted to be burned upon expressed consent by GATEWAY's operating director. If you have any further questions on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.
* Also, in as much as we LOVE animals outside humans, no animals other than humans are permitted inside The GATEWAY. Blessedly this does not eliminate our Practitioners here at GATEWAY from being able to do work on them, as often they work remotely and/or with photos or props. We thank the universe for Quantum on that. Where necessary, the Practitioner may set up chairs and a portable divider to makeshift a little private area outside near our patio to do hands on work with animals. Thank you so much for your understanding and co-operation.
Feel free to check out the whole of GATEWAY's upcoming calendar at
Our official website is
If not already on our mailing list, email heart-to-heart [@] thegatewayportal [.] com ([masked]) indicating you'd like to be added.
Thank you for your interest in this venue. Please visit us often, as we love your company
as inspired, feel free to spread the word with anyone you know that we may also serve.