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"A Spiritual Course of Awakening" - A Free Evening of Orientation to Kryonschool

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"A Spiritual Course of Awakening"
Evening of

Brought to You by:
Marion Tronis Lieb
Certified Trainer of the Kryonschool
Bioenergy Therapist of the New Age

Cost: Free

Please be sure to tell and bring friends, family, colleagues...
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Questions to Marion at [310] ~ 430 * 2641 or marion [at] kryonschool-la [dot] com

Come and join us on the New Moon for a New Beginning!
Feel, Remember, Awake and Begin to BE
So We can Create a World of Joy within the Dance of the One Pure Consciousness.

During the course of the evening, there will be a channeled meditation bringing in the energy of Kryon and the magnetic love energy of the new dimension ~ the clear knowing that you are loved immeasurably and you always were ~ an experience of what it feels like to be home and free.

Our world is in the process of transforming from experience to being, from a world focused on drama and separation to a world of joy and a dance of the one pure consciousness.

As each of us is changing and transforming within the human physical body, so is our mother earth.

It is us, each of us, who create this transformation and it is us, who create the new world.

It is not only those others whom you acknowledge as lightworkers, it is you, yes you who is reading this that is among the lightworkers.
You are powerful beyond measure. You are divine.

Many of us who are incarnated now came to assist with the ascension of our earth into the new dimension.

These are the lightworkers, lighthouses, masters and angels, the starseeds, which are called to let the one light shine through them to manifest light on earth and ignite the light in people's hearts.

Yet in order to make it possible for you to experience yourself in a three dimensional world, you needed to forget what you are. Certain structures in your lightbody, which is the ultimate connection to your divinity, had to be deactivated. Now is the time to remember!

The spiritual world has designed this course to reactivate those structures, and to lead you into the process of awakening.

The invisible barriers, which kept you in duality, will dissolve with your permission whereon you will:
* remember your divinity and your divine potential and have access to it.
* go beyond all limitations.

Each cell of your body will remember and vibrate in bliss and lightness.

As one's light begins to shine or shines brighter, one's whole personal life transforms and miracles never dreamt of happen all around.

About the Presenter:
Marion Tronis Lieb is a certified trainer of the Kryonschool and energy healer of the new age.

Her path toward the light made her realize the preciousness of being in a human body, of being fully human and divine.

She is here to assist you during your unique process of awakening from the illusion of separation into the one light.

While the light beings carry and guide you through this process of awakening, she will be with you as a human being, always seeing your divinity, your greatness, your beauty and your wholeness, reminding you, that you are your only teacher.

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