What we're about

I am doing it. I am sticking my neck out and becoming that person, the weird one the odd and eccentric woman down the block.... I’m looking for my tribe.

Do you try to talk to your friends and family about things you see and feel and they look at you like you have a third eye?

Do you know that something is changing and you don’t have anyone that understands what you’re feeling?

Are you a witch, pagan, magician, light worker, elf, fairy, druid, mystic, indigo, crystal, star seed, reptilian, Palladian, Gray, wizard, Magi, healer, revel, astrologer, space cadet, middle earther, reader, psychic, clairvoyant, clair audio, tarot card reader, tea leaf reader, animals whisperer, walk-in, strange, weird, off, oddball, misunderstood..... or unique?

Do words like ascension, shift, matrix, magic, meditation, manifestation, higher power, dark night of the soul, chaos, parallel universe, higher vibration, third eye, chakra, intuitiveness, Rikki, deviation, AKaushik records , Soul group, spells, One consciousness mean anything to you?

I have no idea where this group will go. But with an open mind and an open heart together we can go there. No judgment no hate only love and acceptance. No topic too weird. No person too strange. We are all one we are all here together. So let’s share and celebrate our unique weirdness that others just don’t get. Let’s learn from each other and expand our beings.


Bring a journal & Pen

If we’re outside leashed fur babies welcome.

I don’t want to say no children, BUT topics & language may not be suitable for young ears. Also I must warn you unruly troglodytes will be given a shot of espresso or Red Bull and sent with their adult to a bathroom stall for 30 minutes with a puppy, fingerpaints and a musical instrument of the groups choice.......

Really I have no idea but felt compelled to see what could happen.

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