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We're a fun social group of like-minded liberal people. Politics isn't our focus, but rather- being around people who have the same liberal vibe, and when we share our liberal views, you'll be surrounded by people with similar views without feeling like you have to tip-toe around the subject. I started this group because I needed more kindred-spirits in my life. I searched for liberal groups, but they are all about political activism, which is great, but I want to do FUN things with liberals.

Our Demographic: We are in our mid/late 30's to late 40's / born in the late 60's to super early 80's. We were around when the moon man came on to announce the new television network that strictly featured music videos (yes, Milennials- that *was* MTV), and when Kurt Cobain died, Eddie Vedder dived off stages, and when the trends of the 60's made their comeback in the 90's. We thrived in the 70's, 80's, and 90s!

Our events will be anything that we love to do. Concerts, hiking, dining, music festivals, weekend (or week long) getaways. You are free to host events as well (and encouraged to)!

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