What we're about

Awayday is about Time, Life, Ambitions, Needs, Passions, Family, Love, Career and much, much More.

We would like to have more of what is important and desirable and the sky is the limit however the gravity is the spoiler. We are limited by time and space and bounded by the realities of this universe and environment. Through Awayday,

We hope that we can achieve much more for everyone and anyone. We carry huge hopes and we expect ourselves to succeed at trying to be better than yesterday and who we were.

In search of greater purpose and fulfillment for the community as a whole rather than a single individual. We want to change the world one step a time, one person at each step.

We start by stating our cause, advocating for like minded altruistic leaders to come forth and serve. Our Mission is to Create Amazing Days for Everyone and to Liberate Lives Every Living Day.

We are constantly on the search for community leaders and partners to come together and dedicate, contribute to the community as a whole to truly further the productivity frontier of communities, nations, and create truly a world without boundaries, prejudice and eliminate undesirables and refill them with purpose, fulfillment and dedication.

As part of our movement, we are starting with meetups to find our global leaders and advocators.

All members can use this meet up channel to find us and to join us. Links will be provided for them to link to our main group and chats after the joining is completed and after a profiling is done.

We will have meetings every fortnightly for leaders and we will have activities and engagements at least once a week and where possible on a daily basis.

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