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What we’re about

Welcome, Wanderer!
What you've "wandered" upon is an outdoor adventure group started in Northeast Ohio that strives to create "respites" in the woods.  Our primary mission is to enjoy the natural world that surrounds us by leaving behind the technologies, stress and ease of "city life," and by trekking (one boot in front of the other) into the serenity of the wilderness - all that we have securely packed on our backs. This pursuit can, at times, seem "hopeless" when we're stuck in the doldrums of our 9-to-5's.  However, those desperate moments call for desperate actions.  It is truly amazing how quickly the stressors of "the daily grind" melt away when you're sipping that dawn cup of mountain coffee, or tucked into a cozy sleeping bag on a crisp autumn night.
Whether the trip is near (Ohio, PA, WV) or far (CO, Cali, WY)...our goal remains the same: safe adventure travel to pristine natural areas. This group was started to bring together fellow outdoor enthusiasts willing to backpack.  We welcome members new and experienced to outdoor adventure, and also members young (well...18 years and older please) and old.  We're a social bunch, and not every activity we plan involves dirt (although it seems like that!)
Backpacking involves two basic components: hiking and backcountry camping. The hikes tend to be of a moderate nature. They are physically demanding, yet require no technical skills (ie. ropework, ice traverse, climbing). Camping skills are required, and may be different than "car camping" that doesn't require much "roughing it..." However, these are skills that are best learned on the trail and at the campsite. ALL skill levels are welcome...whether you've climbed Everest, watched a lot of "Man vs. Wild" or only just dreamed of watching a sunset over a mountain in absolute silence and tranquility. We are happy to educate beginners.  We only ask that each adventurer provide their own gear and abide by our general rules.
We are not a "singles" group.  If you're looking for that, perhaps you should wander on over to any one of the multiple Meetup groups that designed for such.  That being said, we host many activities that are social in nature.  As was stated, not all of our activities are pure hiking. We often meet for social interactions and usually meetup for trip planning sessions at a local watering hole.
Our event organizers and event hosts are volunteers, and offer many combined years of veteran outdoor leadership.  Trips are planned throughout the year, and as our group grows, the number of trips available to members is steadily climbing.  The opportunity lead trips and organize activities is open to all members...we just ask that you join us for a few activities to see what we're all about.

Please take a minute to review some of our core beliefs regarding conduct and environmental stewardship.
THW Code of Conduct
Leave No Trace
THW Waiver of Liability
If you have any questions or are wondering if this group is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact the leadership team.  Thank you for "wandering" over to us (even hopelessly!) and we look forward to hitting the trail with you!