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Personal Genome Fall (Week 3 of 3)
In this 3 week class you will get into the lab to learn about your own DNA. After collecting your DNA sample from your mouth you will do a purification. Then you will use PCR to amplify a selected region of your DNA to allow us to study a taste receptor that detects bitter flavors. Interestingly this receptor is only turned on in some individuals. You will also process your sample for DNA sequencing. In the last day of the class you will analyze your sequencing results using computer programs. After you understand how DNA sequencing works we will discuss how variations in DNA sequences lead to observable characteristics. The final portion of this class will focus on learning how to interpret 23andMe data. Some of the specific skills you will master: -Pipetting -DNA Purification -Sterile techniques -PCR -PCR Purification -Gel electrophoresis -DNA Sequencing No prior lab experience is necessary. Some basic knowledge of biology would be helpful but will not be assumed. By the end of the class you will have gained the skill set and confidence to pursue your own synthetic biology research. Who: Anyone ready to learn. When: Sundays from 10am-2pm -Nov 4 -Nov 11 -Nov 18 Where: TheLab, 1927 Zonal Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90033 Cost: $300 per participant. All materials included Instructor: Dr. Cory Tobin has a PhD in biology from Caltech and years of experience with genetic engineering techniques. Contact Melissa ([masked]) with any questions. Register here:


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