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The LOFT is a community event space taking shape in DTLV. Inspired by the growing Downtown scene, we offer a hub of events and activities for people to interact, spark curiosity, and connect.

We are anything but Lofty and we aim for nourishing connection, relationships, and personal growth. Here you’ll find a safe environment to explore communication, creativity, and man-woman relating.

We believe in crowd-sourcing -- leveraging the skills, knowledge and hidden gems that are already present in our community. We're working on hosting a wide variety of events to foster cross-pollination between groups of great people. The Loft space itself is beautiful, sunny, spacious and versatile, and available for a wide variety of uses.

In pursuit of this vision, we have a wide variety to offer you. Expect to see events on everything from Yoga workshops to Tech-talk lectures, cooking classes, relationship workshops and Orgasmic Meditation classes. And much more!

Come join the conversation, as a party-goer or a party-thrower!

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Sensation Play Party (All Gender)

10 W Charleston Blvd

Are you tired of “lifestyles” parties full of meaningless interactions? Do you wish there were better standards of communication and consent? Are you ready to meet like-minded people who know there is more to sex and intimacy than simply fcking?* Then this Sensation Play Party is the event for you! Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sensation-play-party-tickets-92990435897 This event is hosted and facilitated by a team of women who’s focus is communication, connection and consent while maintaining an erotic and playful atmosphere. Everyone who attends must have attended a cuddle party or snugglefest and be familiar with the 10 rules of cuddle party as that is the communication style that will be practiced at this play party. All genders and orientations are welcome. Here is a link to the next snugglefest in case you have not yet attended one https://www.eventbrite.com/e/snugglefest-and-communication-workshop-all-gender-tickets-94513178461 What happens at a Sensation Play Party? We start with an opening circle led by Sex Coach Nikki where everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves and we have some clothed group exercises to get to know each other, practice saying and receiving yes and no, and discuss the different types of sensation play and scenarios. After that we will have a few hours of ‘free play’ where people can participate to their own comfort level, giving and/or receiving sensation. The focus is on sensation and stimulation of all kinds short of intercourse. Some examples are: Sensual massage *Tantric practice (for example - full body light touch) *Stimulating the skin using tools or implements *Exploring erotic pain (there will be a Saint Andrew's Cross and massage table) *External/surface genital or anal massage by hands or toys *Role play *Power Exchange *Masturbation *Exhibitionism/Voyeurism *Bondage *Cold Plunge/Hot Tub (private back yard - clothing optional) Participants are encouraged to wear sexy clothing, lingerie and fetish wear. Please keep it street legal from the car to the door. What does not happen at a Sensation Play Party? *No drugs or alcohol permitted. *Penetration (oral, manual or otherwise) *No solicitation of any kind - this is the place for play, not for work. *“Creepiness” will not be tolerated - all attendees will have attended either a cuddle party or snugglefest and therefore will be expected to use direct and clear communication. *No discussion of politics or religion When? Saturday 2/29/2020 6pm - doors open. Please bring everything in from the car and be ready to start by 6:30 6:30 - doors close. No late entry permitted. Opening circle begins. Following the opening circle - free play. Time to tease, please and explore yourself and others as much (or as little) as you like. 11:30 - closing circle and clean up. Where? This event will be held in a private home near East Washington and N Hollywood. Address will be emailed the day before the event. No money will be accepted at the door. Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sensation-play-party-tickets-92990435897 Cost: Early Bird Tickets Through 2/25/2020 $20 per person. Bring a friend for $15 Regular Admission: $30 per person. Bring a friend for $25 What to bring: *A towel *A dish to share Optional: *Sensation play tools and implements *A dish to share *Lube *Oil *Gloves What will be provided: *Beverages - coffee, tea, water and soda *Light refreshments - cheese and meat tray, veggie tray, chocolate *Extra gloves, lube, and oil will be available *Some toys and sensation play tools and implements will be available to borrow For any questions or concerns please text Nikki[masked]

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