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The LOFT is a community event space taking shape in DTLV. Inspired by the growing Downtown scene, we offer a hub of events and activities for people to interact, spark curiosity, and connect.

We are anything but Lofty and we aim for nourishing connection, relationships, and personal growth. Here you’ll find a safe environment to explore communication, creativity, and man-woman relating.

We believe in crowd-sourcing -- leveraging the skills, knowledge and hidden gems that are already present in our community. We're working on hosting a wide variety of events to foster cross-pollination between groups of great people. The Loft space itself is beautiful, sunny, spacious and versatile, and available for a wide variety of uses.

In pursuit of this vision, we have a wide variety to offer you. Expect to see events on everything from Yoga workshops to Tech-talk lectures, cooking classes, relationship workshops and Orgasmic Meditation classes. And much more!

Come join the conversation, as a party-goer or a party-thrower!

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Snugglefest and communication workshop (all gender)

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Snugglefest and communication workshop (all gender) Experience a snugglefest! Come join us for a 3-hour event focusing on communication and non-sexual touch. Meet other people in the community in a welcoming, authentic, and caring environment while you learn and practice connection and communication skills. Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/snugglefest-and-communication-workshop-all-gender-tickets-84339390387 What is the snugglefest? A snugglefest is a safe space to engage in non-sexual touch while practicing open communication and maintaining personal boundaries. It is a place to learn and practice communicating around touch and asking for what we want, being vulnerable with our wants and needs, honoring our own emotions, experiences, and boundaries, and respecting those of others. It is also a place we can develop a new way of seeing rejection as an honoring of someone else’s desires and boundaries. You can come to the snugglefest to meet new people, to have great conversation, or just to cuddle! Some skills you may learn or practice at the snugglefest: ♥ Connecting in an authentic way ♥ Asking for your wants and needs ♥ Identifying and expressing your boundaries ♥ Hearing a no and respecting others’ boundaries ♥ Saying no to what you don’t want and yes to what you do ♥ Finding your voice ♥ Honoring your own emotions ♥ Developing a new relationship with rejection ♥ Communicating in a compassionate way What to expect during the snugglefest: Doors open at 7pm. Doors close at 7:30 when we begin our opening circle in order to maintain a safe and connected environment. During the opening circle, we will talk about consent and boundaries — including language on how to request or decline touch — and identify different styles of cuddling. Following the opening circle will be a couple hours of free-style cuddling or hanging out with conversation. Water and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided (no alcohol or substances permitted). You may bring a snack as there will be a kitchen, but please refrain from eating on the cuddle surfaces (foam pads). We will close the event with a short closing circle. Who attends the snugglefest? We welcome people 18+ of all body types, shapes, sizes, abilities, gender and sexual orientation, cultural backgrounds, and relationship statuses. You may be single or in one or more relationships; we just ask that you check with yourself and your partner to be sure attending the snugglefest is within your relationship agreements. Please attend without influence of drugs, or alcohol. It is a non-smoking environment. You may bring snacks. Beverages (water and soda) will be provided. People typically wear comfortable clothing and no fragrance. You will get the most out of your snugglefest experience if you come with an open, fun-loving, and non-judgmental attitude, and the desire to act with integrity. ♥ Details: Date/Time: Saturday, December[masked]:30pm 7pm Doors open 7:30 Doors close, Opening circle 10:15 Closing circle Location: Will be emailed to you upon registration at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/snugglefest-and-communication-workshop-all-gender-tickets-84339390387 Cost: Early bird (until 12/9 at midnight) $15 per person and $10 per additional friend Regular price starting 12/10: $20 per person and $15 per additional friend

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Snugglefest and communication workshop (all gender)

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