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Gather energy with QiGong #TMG #SifuNathan
Do you always spent all your energy on weekends and hoping Monday never come? Learn how to reserve and borrow energy from your surrounding. With the right instruction, you will learn how to get the energy you want anywhere, anytime you need. Our Instructors-Sifu Nathan Lam Sifu Nathan has been studying Chinese martial arts and qigong for over 20 years. He was a former Canadian wushu team member studying wushu and qigong many times in china and all across north america. He has also been a master level Reiki Healer and elite personal trainer for over 15 years in the field of Fitness, health and wellness. Call or Email for more info of Sifu Nathan - This is a beginner class. No experience in Qi Gong is needed to attend.

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Bradley Cooper once took a mysterious pill that gave him super mental powers from perfect memory recall, picking up new languages instantly, and AI-like investment forecasting. All swirling and colliding into a plot for one of the greatest movies ever made but most of all leaving the rest of us a real intriguing question. Does or rather can something actually exist that can boost our cognitive power?

Although NZT-48 maybe a fictional exaggeration of the possible; boosting cognition is absolutely real. If you are looking to maximize your potential or want to improve your life; it all starts with your brain. Knowing how to use the power of your brain and access the most out of it. It could be very vague.

This is where we would bring all ideas and concept into our conversation. Screen out the most scientific and proven strategy on how to upgrade our brain.

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