What we're about

Welcome to our group of successful professionals and entrepreneurs! We enjoy getting together to exchange ideas, to share and learn about best practices and build a stronger community.

Each month we will showcase a business or organization that shares valuable insight and expertise with us. The speakers will present business and personal development topics without doing a sales pitch so that we all can fully benefit from their expertise.

We will also enjoy educational seminars and workshops with experts on topics related to life transformation, entrepreneurship, business strategy, personal development, leadership and healthy living.

Discover other people’s stories and wisdom, feel empowered, grow and create a supportive community.

Because we are all about community and support, each month, members will get an opportunity to donate silent auction items or prize baskets to support the Helping One Woman (H.O.W. Organization) and in turn have their business featured during the dinner

What our meetings look like:

- Meetings always start out by a quick welcome from the Gabbies ( Gabby M. and Gabby G.) and a quick run down of the group for the new folks!

- This is than followed by a quick, 30 seconds to 1 min intro by everyone in attendance: share with us who you are, what’s your business or what company or organization you represent. Owning a business is not even required. You are welcome to join us if the topics we are bringing spark an interest.

- Than the Winner of the previous meeting Business Card Drawing brings a short and sweet presentation of her/his business. (3 to 5 minute)

- The Speaker of the month will than get us all on a 20- 30 minutes journey on a topic crafted around the idea of bringing value to our community.

The Business Card Drawing: everyone places the business card into a jar and the winner of the drawing earns a 3-5 minutes spot to speak about her/his business at the next meeting! This is an amazing opportunity to share about your business!!!

- The last 10-20 minutes are spent networking. Be curious and reach out to people you just met and find out more about each other.

Please bring plenty of business cards to share with others.

This group biggest goal is to create the connection between people, ideas and opportunities.

How can I be a speaker?

Please reach out to us if you are interested in being a speaker. Due to the growing demand for speaking we have created a template of questions to help us better understand the topic of your speech and how it can impact the community.

How can I earn a spot to talk about my business?

Come to our monthly meetings and enter your business card in the drawing!!! We do this every month!

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