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Earthship Permaculture Design Course 2009-1

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“The Permaculture Design Course will change your life and alter the way you look at the world forever.”

Learn how to use the wisdom of permaculture design to transform your homes, your communities,
your bioregions and your world, not only for yourself, but for your children and their children.

Join us for the Permaculture Design Course to be offered at the first Earthship Location in Florida

Learn to grow a "food forest" in your backyard - lush, edible landscaping that takes very little care and provides you with a large variety of food in a small space. Learn many other techniques that can transform your home and yard into a a self-reliant system by taking the professional Permaculture Design Course, which runs full time from February 27-March 10, 2009.

Permaculture designs in harmony with nature and thus can tap the power of nature to create abundance for all. It started out as an ecologically ethical way to farm but has evolved into being able to improve yields in any system - whether economics, building systems, ecosystems or communities. It comes from the words "permanent agriculture" but has grown to mean "permanent culture" - cultures that work with and respect nature have lasted thousands of years, and those who don't, expire relatively quickly.

This course is a 72 hour intensive course that unfolds over a two week period, from 27 February to 10 March, 2009. You will get hands on, interactive experience, will attend field trips to see living examples, and will recieve a professional design certificate at the end of the course that is increasing in value as permaculture becomes more well known.

If one single comment can be attributed to those who do this course, it would be, "It changed my life!" It is not just a course, but an experience, with full immersion into a way of thinking and looking at things that has provided solutions for the seemingly insurmountable problems that we face today. Permaculture offers solutions that can be implemented at any echelon, whether it be your backyard, or the ecosystems and cultural systems of an entire state or country.

The course will be given at the site of the first Earthship being built in Florida, east of Sarasota in Myakka City. Earthships are sustainable buildings that incorporate water catchment, passive heating and cooling, reused materials and other sustainable design elements to create a unique, artistic structure that is very comfortable to live in and has a light ecological footprint.

Please feel free to ask questions about details about any aspect of the course in our message boards or email us. You can register for the course on line, below. Please RSVP soon as slots do fill up.

Please visit our website at

The instructor, Wayne Weiseman, has been educating people about sustainability for 25 years. He has worked as a school teacher and as a consultant to educators and administrators in curriculum and professional development. As a primitive wilderness instructor he relied on observation techniques and a thorough understanding of the natural world to ply his trade. He has worked extensively with corporate executives in the art of team building, and the application of ideas in business and life developed through the observation of the cycles and connections found in the natural world. He has worked as a builder and contractor, herbalist, renewable energy expert, and farmer for the past twenty-five years. Wayne is Director of The Permaculture Project, a full-service, international consulting and educational business promoting the ideas of eco-agriculture, renewable energy resources and eco-construction methods. He currently co-manages Dayempur Farm in Southern Illinois, a land-based, self-reliant community project combining organic crop/food production, ecologically-built shelter, renewable energy, appropriate technologies and educational programs.

More info about Permaculture: (

More info about Earthships:
Earthship Biotecture creates buildings that...
heat and cool themselves naturally via solar/thermal dynamics
collect their own power from the sun and wind
harvest their own water from rain and snow melt
contain and treat their own sewage on site
produce food in significant quantities
utilize materials that
are byproducts of modern society
like cans, bottles and tires (