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We will have drinks and light snacks at Binders Gardens. If you want dinner, call the Jay Cafe in advance and pick it up and bring it over. Join us once a month as we meet casually to discuss Photography, New Techniques, Camera Gear, Upcoming Ideas, Workshops, test a few photography toys, have guest speakers, learn a few things and just socialize. Everyone's welcome of all levels.

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Since 2005, we continue to host Unique and a Variety of Photography Photo Shoot Out Style workshops for many to grow and network with each other. We work with ages 5 to 85. Our speciality is Event Photography for schools, Marketing Photography and hosting Texas Photo Shoot Workshops.

Join not only Marc and Robin Binder, at one of their inspirational workshops in photography, but learn to take your photography to the next level from one of the 12 Mentors and Instructors that share their knowledge while having lots of fun. Learn tricks of the trade from shooting side by side with some of the best in Texas. These are designed to be creative, fun and safe for all.

There workshops are different from each other as they aim to provide you with different concept, different types of photography from location shooting to studio shooting. Above all else we love taking people with us and seeing the joy they get out of capturing amazing images that you only see on Americans Next Top Model shows. If you just purchased your first camera or have been shooting for years, we aim to help you get to the another level. The Binders are certified in Teaching Leaders, Certified in Toastmasters, Marketing, Advertizing Designer, Graphic Design and Photography we found it's awesome watching even the mentors and photographers grow. Note that these workshops are not a sit down instructional class. We introduce and start you out shooting. Hands on with Mentors available will teach you the fastest. We have workshops that let you bring your own equipment or come to our studio workshops and test out what the professionals shoot first hand.

Why attend Photography Workshops?
They are the best stimulus of new work, feul personal growth, and motivates by opening your range of insight and criticism, but from a caring group of piers. Choose your workshops based on location, cost, and concept. The cost is equivalent or less than having your own photo shoot with 10 models and 4 makeup artists. Know that the cost is low because of the volumn of people attending. If you want to network this is the best place to start. If you want a smaller group, attending the weekend workshops is best. Growth is not guarenteed as well as learning new techniques at our workshops and know this should not be the reasons for attending. We are creatures of habit and personal grown can kill your creative vision. It is good to be humled by seeing someones work with both very accoplished and very different than our own. This alone can open a door. Workshops can be very helpful in expanding ones knowledge and current ideas. Attend to experiment something you are not use to doing or would never do with a client. Imitate, listen, socialize and network. We are the exception to the rule, we set up the atmosphere to focus intensely on creating your best creative work. Use your time to observe, experiment, ask, probe, make friends, develop contacts and resources.

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