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Do you get bored of the small talk that so often dominates most of our social interactions? And yet also fed up of the polarised and shouting-match-style debate that social media seems to encourage? The Ponderings is a space where you can dig a little deeper into some of the most interesting ideas and questions facing our society today in a friendly and thoughtful environment.

We meet once a month and tackle a different topic every time, dipping in and out of everything from philosophy, sociology, and technology to religion and politics. There's no membership needed, you can just pop along when the topics interest you. And we don't stage formal debates - we're just here for friendly, passionate, curious discussion. (Plus we're always open to suggestions if you've got a burning question or topic you're keen to explore with others.)

There's no fee to join the discussions, but we always have a little donation box and if you've got a spare 50p in your pocket to help us cover our costs (like registering the group on Meetup, etc) then that's great. But there's no pressure.

We're open to any and all views (as long as you express them kindly) and aim for The Ponderings to be a great space to engage in thoughtful conversation about serious ideas with a wide mix of people with different perspectives on the world.

So come ready to share, listen, and learn in The Fox in Chipping Norton (Market Place, Chipping Norton, OX7 5DD) at 7.30pm once every month - just join the group to hear about each month’s topics :)

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The Fox

Do the personal lives of politicians matter?

The Fox

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