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Do you feel that your lack of confidence is holding back in life? Are you striving to be more confidant but don’t know where or how to begin? Have you lost your confidence and are struggling to build it back up again?
Then our webinar with qualified Confidence & Happiness Coach Natalie King is for you.

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Everyone has different strengths and levels of confidence, Natalie will teach you how to work with your strengths to create more confidence in your life.

This workshop is for you if:
-You want to boost your confidence levels.
-You want to take on new challenges with positivity, seek new ways to develop and build resilience, and/or find new techniques to help feel confident in stressful situations.
-You want to feel more confident speaking in meetings, with your colleagues or in social situations.
-Your lack of confidence is holding you back from trying new experiences in life – applying for a new job, or meeting someone new romantically
-You want to develop your strengths and identify ways to overcome your current challenges.

In this workshop, we will cover:
-What is self-confidence and what does it look and feel like?
-How to change your mindset about confidence - understand that it is a skill that can be learned and developed through practice and experience.
-Confidence is very much a long, committed process that you must go through. Identify the areas you want to improve in your life which will directly impact on your confidence. Areas could include work, romances, friendships, exercise routines, stimulation, investments and family.
-How to identify your strengths and use them to help grow your confidence.
-How to take action to put measures in place to help you become more confident on a daily basis.

12:00 – Welcome by Rising Network
12:10 – Webinar with Natalie King
12:50 – Q&A
13:00 – Close

Invest in Yourself:
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-Non-Member / Digital Subscribers: £10 + Fees

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About Natalie King: Natalie King, was born in Africa and grew up in South Africa. She has been in the UK for 19 years now. Having grown up with a British father and Swiss mother she always wanted to come and live in the UK, especially having heard all the stories from her parents about the cold winters and the snow and rain. Natalie is a slave to 3 dogs each with their own attitude and personality. She has a passion for learning new things and being inspired by people who are on their own journey of development.

Natalie is a Toastmaster and has been for nearly 5 years. Being part of toastmasters Natalie found her passion for public speaking, which lead to her becoming a confidence, happiness as well as public speaking coach. Natalie was not always confident as years of bullying, first at school then in the workplace, eroded her confidence, until one day she realised that it was up to her to take control and to make the changes that would enable her to find herself again. The reason Natalie joined Toastmasters was to learn how to speak to people and then became a mentor to new members as they started to learn and gain their confidence in public speaking. Natalie is a qualified New Insights Life Coach, and a qualified Happiness Coach.