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OP 2 Day Guided Trip For Winter Steelhead

Flycaster Brewing

RSVP and payment Deadline has passed Thanks for joining us for another 2 today fishing trip to the Olympic peninsula for world famous steelhead. Find more info at the monthly meetup on the first Wednesday of each and every month. This River might be the most beautiful and scenic of all the Olympic Peninsula rivers. This 50 mile long gem runs almost its entire course through the Olympic National Park protecting the rainforest surrounding the river. The last few miles then runs through reservation land until it reaches the Pacific. Winter months call fly anglers from all over to not only for its numerous and large native steelhead but also for the opportunity to be alone with just the fish and the river. These large natives begin their up river migration in January and usually end sometime in late March. While many hope to fish these rivers, please understand the conditions change on a daily basis, so any given day may alter plans putting us on one of the other rivers in the region. We may fish the same river section all 3 days or anyone one of dozen other options. Warrning Warning Warning 1) Weather and River flows are always changing! No grantees what we are doing when. If the river is unsafe we will not float , but will fish! However, the fishing and flows and weather all are forecasting to be better than average. In others words it will colder and wetter than Seattle. Just above freezing! 2) Communication is very weak , if at all! Most phones do not get calls nor text in the National Forest, which is where we will be for 3 days. Therefore, before you leave, post your itinerary, then stick to it. Moreover keep us all updated please, especially with your ETA! Optional costs 1) Carpooling round trip $50pp for about 500 miles 2) Boat pooling $50pp 2 days of floating 3) Rooms sharing is $150est for 2 day Per person Friday itinerary Two Carpool Plans Check-out road conditions! They got 70" of snow last week, with more to come! All roads were re-open Tuesday but bring chains! 6AM Fishing Group depart: Pulling Steve's Boat "The $50 Carpoolers are Steve and Mike 10AM Arrive at boat launch and suit up 1PM free hot soup break 3PM takeout 4PM check-in 11AM, Scenic Drive Carpool depart: pulling Tim's boat! The $50 Carpoolers are Carol. This will be a scenic drive with multiple stops. 11:00AM departs Johns 11:30AM depart Carols 2:00PM depart Aberdeen 3:00PM Arrive at Clearwater Bridge over the Queets River. 4:00PM Check-in FRIDAY MEETUP 5-6PM Sunset Veiws and Happy hour at the Creekside Restaurant Bar inside Kalaloch Lodge "dinner optional" 7-9PM Lodge Bar for Rigging up Check-In 4-PM or later, reservations is under your name, you'll need a credit card. They will charge you $109±± for 1 night. Your roommate pays for the other night. Lodge 29 Carol and Amy Lodge 28 Mike and Tim Lodge 27 Steve, John and his wife. Park cars nearest your cabin door, park boats on the road behind the cabin! Look at map on line. But do remember this is a very basic and rustic cabin. Checkout the link of pictures and FAQ at the link below. The Lodge has a small general store, bar and restaurant, no gas station for miles and no Cell, Radio, TV nor wifi in a national park https://www.thekalalochlodge.com/?utm_source=googlemaps&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=kalaloch Location Kalaloch Lodge[masked] US-101 Forks, WA 98331 Dricetions https://www.thekalalochlodge.com/about/maps-and-directions Weather https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/Kalaloch+WA+USWA0563:1:US Saturday itinerary! 6AM Wakeup and suit up ..... open your hand wamers ! Your on your own for breakfast. Each room has a kitchen with a coffee pot, microwave, refrigerator! Also wood pot stove for heat. Be careful waders fleece do not like heat. Do not stand nor dryout waders nor boots near stove nor heater. 6:30AM Depart 7AM launch drift boats, rafts and pontoons 11AM free soup break, we have Jet Boil stove! So bring your own thermos $50 Boat poolers are Mike, Amie and Carol! 4PM off river "Optional" 5-7PM Dino's pizza bar in Quinault "bring change of clothes" we are NOT going back to the cabin, until after dinner Sunday itinerary! 6AM Suitup 6:30AM Depart 7AM launch drift boats, rafts and pontoons 11AM free hot soup break 3PM off river 4PM Drive Home 7PM Back home. Why wake-up so early? Why the timeline? Why a very tight schedule? Well don't expect anything to run on time, especially for the newbies! So need to try to be early to everything. We are not the only people fishing! The later and slower we wake up, the more we have to wait and watch, as others catch your fish. 2 fish limmit... Many will be on the water before sunrise at 7AM Clothing/Equipment Lists: Think many thin layers , as much as 4 to7 layers, especially around your core, chest/vest, with wool wool and more wool! Or Fleece or down, but these do not perform under wet conditions as well as wool. 2 rain jackets .... Yes two! Inside jacket is a water resistant 4way stretch jacket. Second jacket must be a seam sealed waterproof jacket with hood. Make sure you have tight cuffs. The rain sneaks down your sleeve into your arm, freezing your butt off. Must cover up your hands, face and head with something. Because the temperature will be in the teens! Put mutiple hand warmers in your shoes, pants , chest and hand pockets! REI recommend layering system Layer 1 rain jacket with adjustable cuffs "if breathable retreat with Scotchgard silicone" Layer 2 4way stretch or fleece jacket with elastic cuffs Layer 3-4 Thick Down, fleece or both vest Layer 5 Thinner Fleece pants and vest Layer 6 100% Wool long johns, no cotton Layer 7 100% Poly base layer Biggest tip! Stay dry, retreat all your stuff. You'll be standing in cold water for hours with no cabin breaks for 10 hours!! In addition the best breathable waterproof gear, can't hold up to hours in rain. Think of treating all your stuff with ware resistance spays. Rods and Lines: Line tippet and leader 10-20 lb, rod 11 1/2 – 13 1/3 foot, 6-12wt double or signal handed , must have sinking tips one or more of these T-10 in 12' , T-14 in 10' or T-18 in 8' does not need to be exact. Expensive taper leaders are not needed Flies: UV Steelhead jigs, leeches and Intruders, are best! Also look into General Practitioner, Metal Detector, Mega Moal, Skagit Minnows, Morrish’s Trailer Trash, River Rats, Fergus Rock Star, Skunks, Purple Perils, Skykomish Sunrises. Best Recommendation ALWAYS BE READY, PACKED and RIGGED the NIGHT BEFORE! Therefore, the night before always rig up and pack your one and only small "dry bag" with backup clothes "if you fall in". Plus toilet paper, water bottle, snacks. Weight and space is extremely limited in the boat , car and cabin. Safety and responsibility.... you are solely responsible for your own safety and for your belongings. Leaving belongings in the cabin or car or boat are subject to loss. Leave nothing in the car, boat or cabin. Best recommendations have 2 rigs set up the night before! 1) Best boat floatting rig. Single-handed fly or gear rod 6-10wt , to a 20lb 10' length fish line for your leader so a XL bobber can slide up and down, with 5' 10lb tippet, to a 1/16 or 1/8 oz Jig, then 1' lenght to a egg yarn in UV colors of yellow, pink and orange. 2) Best for wading. 6-8wt spey or switch rod with a shooting head attached to T 14 Sink tip in 10' lenght with 6' length 10lb monofilament non tappered leader, to a "intruder" fly patterns in size 1-2 in color pink, orange or blue. Limit your your packing! Dress Code, is ultra outdoor camping, every where. Only bring exactly what you need and nothing more. The rooms have soap and hair drier. In other words leave the kitchen sink and your fly box and vest back at home. Packing check list for the float. 1) Just 1 pocket size fly box with 12 jigs and 12 intruder patterns in a small variety of Dark and Bright UV colors in XL sizes. 2) Lead 1/32 oz weights 3) Monofilament spool of both 10 and 20 lb 4) 2 bobbers 5) 2 sink tips T 14 8' and 10' 6) nippers 7) 6-8 hand warmers a day 8) 1 top of the line small dry bag 9) 1 backup long johns if you fall in. 10) thermos, filled with fluids, snacks Car Packing list 3 bags or backpacks in the car Max 1) Bag, for waders, boots and fishing rods reels and gear. 2) Dry Bag, for boat, with backup John jones 3) Another bag with your own snacks! We have a few of extra rods, reels and sink tips to share, plus flies. However if you lose or damage anything, your expect to repair or replaced it! In addition, You are personally responsible for all your own safety, costs, drinks, snacks and meals on this trip. Space and weight is very limited in the cabin, car and boat. A dry bag filled with change of clothes and extra hand warmers is the most important things to bring onto the boat. It will rain and snow therefore everything needs to be in your own small dry bag. Sorry for the TMI , FYI and FAQ but this will far more fun for everyone if you follow the above itinerary and packing suggestions. That's all folks! Please post your itinerary in the comment section or text message it to all of us! Moreover and most importantly keep us updated to your ETA! Last but not least re-read all of this before leaving Friday.

Guided "Talk Walk & Wade" on Advanced Fly Fishing Tactics

GUIDED TALK, WALK AND WADE ADVENTURE MASTERING ADVANCE FLY FISHING TACTICS By Joe Rotter Head Guide and Instructor of world famous Red's Fly Shop. This will be the most informative and life changing thing you'll ever do in fly fishing. Learn what the Pro's know! You might even catch a trophy trout. You'll get guided by the guru who teaches more guides and writes more YouTube videos and reviews than anyone for the last decade. Come join the fun of mastering the newest and most advanced tactics. We are combining 4 advanced fly fishing class all into one all day event. Learn another level to Dry, Spey , Euro, indicator type fishing. Red's has a 3 hour $130 class for each of those. This class is combining all 4 in to 1 all day guide class on the water.FOR $150 Learn what all the Pro's know, about new world of fly fishing. Did you know at today's Pro competitions, everyone is now Euro Nymphing or Spey. What is your Euro Nymphing? Euro nymphing, within itself, has many names, styles and things to know. All done with the same rod you already have, just with 15' to 20' foot leader and everything else differently, especially the casting! Since Euro Nymphing is so different, it requires the most expert explanation, mentoring and instructions. Itinerary Timeline Estimations 7:00AM Mask Carpool Meetup @ North Bend McDonald's 9:00AM @ Red's Fly Shop THE TALK This will be outside and 6 feet apart, under Red's fly shop deck looking out on to Yakima river. 12:00 Box Lunch outside, so let's us know of any allergy or dislikes in the comment section. 1:00 PM Suit up and rig up for guided fishing and demoing 1) Euro Nymphing 2) Indicator 3) Spey 4) Dry 5:00 Drive Back Sign up for Carpool option in the comments section Post questions in the comment section, someone will get back to you with 24 hours. Warning Everything is subject to change without notice, therefore always double check this webpage for updated and cancellations. WARNING! Come at your own risk! There is always a very high risk of damages and injuries. Your attendance means you have accepted 100% responsibility for your safety and liability for all injuries and damages. Meetup members and organizers are NOT responsible for your safety, injuries or damages at any time.

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