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Wednesday Night Seth Meeting (every THREE or FOUR weeks - always check the site)
Welcome New Members! The Los Angeles SETH Material Group meets every three or four weeks. You have to check the calendar regularly! This group is focused on understanding the information from Seth and applying it to our daily lives. You do not need to be a Seth expert and the only requirement is that you are currently reading a Seth book. There is no cost to attend. This is a meeting for each of us to support each other in our co-creation of fulfilling lives. ------------- 7:30pm to 8:00pm- Social half hour. Get to know other Seth readers. 8:00pm to 10:00pm- Readings from the Seth Material - the books vary. Occasional processes. Discussion of our successes, challenges, and insights in living the philosophy. At this gathering we will explore concepts and principles from the Seth books. Please feel free to bring reading selections from any Jane or Seth book passage for us to explore.

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This group's focus is to gather together folks who have read the Seth Material and want to deepen their understanding of it by comparing and learning from others and then playfully integrating the techniques provided by Seth to create our own realities more to our liking. Putting forth our intentions, visualizing our positive outcomes and then engaging with the spontaneous gifts that emerge into our life paths.

This group will never charge a fee as we are learning from each other and sharing what we know.

Most of us have spent many years studying Seth by ourselves, reading and wondering, reflecting on the ideas and concepts and sometimes even trying the exercises alone and this is the first step on the journey for sure.

Gathering together like intentioned people creates a real kickstart to understanding, and new in-roads to perception are gained from every meeting.

If you are looking to connect more deeply to your inner self, reduce the "time-lag" of creation and uncover the limiting beliefs that have been interfering with your natural ability to manifest your ideal world, please join us! We're working on all that too :)

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