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So You Want To Be A Real Estate Investor? How to Transition to Full Time...
SSIC UNITE!!!! April 12th 2018, continues on with our series "So you want to be a real estate investor..." with this months focus being "How to Successfully Transition to FULL TIME Real Estate Investor" So you want to be a real estate investor... and you want to do it full time... FIRE YOUR BOSS!!!! HOW? Come and we'll walk through how some of our successful members have transitioned from part time to full time. We'll walk through their though process, the steps they took before making the leap, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them, and look back and see what they would do differently. We'll also cover exactly how to set yourself up for success, along with mistakes we commonly see and how to avoid them. We'll walk through the methodology, the steps, the plan, the structure and more to transition to full time the right way. So you can say I QUIT to your boss!!! We'll also have a member submitted case study where we will show how they found the deal, funded it, renovated it, sold it and all the numbers and details! Plus, network with our vendors for all your contracting needs, plumbing, roofs, painting, attorneys, tax guys, etc etc etc. PLUS!!!! Network with 100s of other successful local investors, share deals, make connections and meet new folks! This will be a great night, hurry seats fill up quickly!!! RSVP ASAP!

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Welcome to Saint Louis' very own The SouthSide Investment Club's MeetUp Site!!! (SSIC)

We started in 2007, and for almost 9 years, our focus has been on Knowledge, Education and Networking. Over the years we’ve exploded in members both on and offline and now, we're grown to one of the area's largest Real Estate Investing clubs.

Why? Because we are creating success stories for our members. We cover flipping, rehabbing and wholesaling along with so much more.

Over the years we have played host to hundreds of events, and have had 1000s of people attend, with presentations from some of the area’s best investors, local heroes, politicians, national speakers and more. We have added a ton of products and services to help people achieve their real estate goals, and we’ve loved almost every minute of it.

But most importantly over the years, we’ve really learned that real estate really isn’t about the money, it’s about the freedom to enjoy life. The freedom that real estate offers, is so powerful, and so rewarding. The freedom to do the things you want, when you want, where you want, as often as you want. But you can’t enjoy this freedom without getting your financial house in order, and that’s where real estate comes into play.

We have a ton of events for you to plug into to help you build towards that freedom.

If you are new to SSIC, or new to Real Estate Investing in general, like never done a deal, or done less than 5 houses, then I would start by attending one of our Free Real Estate Investing Workshops, where you’ll learn why building wealth through real estate is such an amazing opportunity, strategies, on how to find and fund your next deals, case studies on how to buy and sell real estate right here in Saint Louis, and how to build a simple easy 5 year plan that creates wealth to achieve that freedom that we all really want.


You can also can connect in with 100s of other local investors, rehabbers, flippers and wholesalers at our Main Monthly Case Studies and Speaker Series, where we showcase houses and deals we’ve put together, and have topics and speakers presenting on some of the best strategies on how to invest in Saint Louis.

Throughout the year we also host 2 Day Find and Fund Events, Show Me Bus Tours, online webinars and more. Our 2 Day Find and Fund Seminars have focused education on finding the best deals in town, having the best deals chase you, and how to gain access to all the money you need for your real estate business. Basically, we train you to be an EXPERT DEAL FINDER! Our Show Me Bus Tours focus on things you can learn INSIDE of a project, how to take a house apart, and put it back together again. Trust me, you can't really learn this from a webinar or a classroom.

In addition, click below to find a list of vendors that offer work or services on houses or to real estate professionals and investors. Most of these people are either investors themselves, OR work with a ton of investors and understand what you are trying to accomplish. They’ve raised their hand and want to connect with you for your next deal. Some of these people are my personal secret weapons!

If you haven’t already done so, join in the conversation on this page by clicking the JOIN US button near the top right. We have a very vibrant online community where we talk about tips tricks, share ideas info and advice that revolves around real estate investing.

Also, check out ( for more information regarding our upcoming events, vendors, membership options and more.

Lastly, if you are looking for your next project, visit This of the area’s largest collections of NON MLS properties, powered by SSIC and it’s members.

We hope to see you at our next event!

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