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Welcome to Saint Louis' very own The SouthSide Investment Club MeetUp Site! (SSIC)

We started in 2007, and for over 10 years, our focus has been on Knowledge, Education and Networking. Over the past decade, we’ve exploded in members both on and offline and now, we're one of the largest Real Estate Investing clubs in the Mid-West.

Why? Because we are creating success stories for our members. We cover flipping, rehabbing and wholesaling along with so much more.

We've hosted hundreds of events, and have had thousands of people attend - with presentations from some of the area’s best investors, local heroes, politicians, national speakers and more. We have added a ton of products and services to help people achieve their real estate goals, and we’ve loved almost every minute of it.

But most importantly, we’ve learned that real estate really isn’t about the money - it’s about the freedom to enjoy life. The freedom that real estate offers is so powerful, and so rewarding. The freedom to do the things you want, when you want, where you want, as often as you want. But you can’t enjoy this freedom without getting your financial house in order, and that’s where real estate comes into play.

We have a ton of events for you to connect with that help you build towards that freedom.

If you are new to SSIC, or new to Real Estate Investing in general, like never done a deal, or done less than 5 houses, then I would start by attending one of our Free Real Estate Investing Workshops, where you’ll learn: why building wealth through real estate is such an amazing opportunity, top strategies on how to find and fund your next deal, case studies on how to buy and sell real estate right here in Saint Louis, and how to build a simple, easy 5-year plan that creates wealth to achieve that freedom that we all really want.

CLICK HERE to save your spot for our next FREE REAL ESTATE INVESTING WORKSHOP (https://ssiconline.com/discover-real-estate/)

You can also can connect in with hundreds of other local investors, rehabbers, flippers and wholesalers at our Main Monthly Case Studies and Speaker Series, where we showcase houses and deals we’ve put together, and have topics and speakers presenting on some of the best strategies on how to invest in Saint Louis.

Throughout the year, we also host 3-Day Find and Fund Seminars, Show Me Bus Tours, online webinars and more. Our 3-Day Find and Fund Seminars have focused in-depth education in finding the best deals in town, having the best deals chase you, and how to gain access to all the money you need for your real estate business. Basically, we train you to be an EXPERT DEAL FINDER! Our Show Me Bus Tours focus on things you can learn from the INSIDE of a project: how to take a house apart, and put it back together again. Trust me, you can't really learn this from a webinar or a classroom.

In addition, click below to find a list of vendors that offer work or services on houses or to real estate professionals and investors. Most of these people are either investors themselves, OR work with a ton of investors and understand what you are trying to accomplish. They’ve raised their hand and want to connect with you for your next deal. Some of these people are my personal secret weapons!

If you haven’t already done so, join in the conversation on this page by clicking the JOIN US button near the top right. We have a very engaged online community where we talk about tips, tricks, share ideas info and advice that revolves around real estate investing. Be sure to review our club guidelines and expectations under the More/Files tab as well.

Be sure to check out www.SSIConline.com (http://www.ssiconline.com) for more information regarding our upcoming events, vendors, membership options and more.

Lastly, if you are looking for your next project, visit http://www.theWholeSaleHUB.com This is the area’s largest collections of NON-MLS properties, powered by SSIC and it’s members.

We hope to see you at our next event!

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⭐️SSIC Presents - FINDING THAT "REAL DEAL" - Playing your CARDS right⭐️

Everyone knows that locating the RIGHT DEAL is key for your bottom line. Come learn how to use all of the assets available to you to SCORE a home run! This is a great topic. We all use websites, phone numbers, lists, postcards, ads, etc. to draw traffic to our business, websites, and to make our phones ring. Come find out how to automate key points of your business to help it run smoother, more effectively, and efficiently! ⭐️Calling For Cash This is hands down my favorite method of locating deals. It gets you speaking to potential sellers right away, and without costing you a dime. All it takes is a little nerve, a bit of effort and research, and a phone. ⭐️Wholesalers A real estate wholesaler is an investor who is good at finding quality deals with the intent to sell them to other real estate investors. Be mindful that wholesalers typically mark these houses up a little in order to profit from finding the deal. You can find wholesalers through your local real estate clubs or other industry networking events. AND come to learn how to find motivated sellers: People that HAVE to sell their house! ⭐️Mortgage default lists ⭐️Pre-Foreclosure Reports ⭐️Pre-Notice of Defaults ⭐️Probate Lists ⭐️Direct Mailing Marketing for Direct Response Marketing ⭐️Phone Systems to Pre-screen Your Potential Customers/Clients ⭐️Driving for Dollars ⭐️Bandit Signs ⭐️NETWORKING This is all about building your business with direct mail, phones systems, and making the best of your advertising dollars. Using these technologies helps level the playing field and help create the effect that you are 'Just as good or as large as the other guys.' Use these to make it seem like you're a large corporation instead of a 'One man show!!' Don't miss out, this will be a VERY informative meeting! As always, meet our vendors and 100's of fellow Real Estate Investors and Professionals!! 1st Time Guest: no charge Access Pass Members: no charge Inner Circle Members: no charge All others: $20.00 at the door! (Cash or Charge) NOTE - (Ask Lori how you can come to ALL SSIC events for one small fee annually!) Pizza and Drinks (Soda, Water, BEER) provided! RSVP ASAP as spots fill up fast! See you there!

⭐️Show Me Bus Tour - See off-market, Non-MLS exclusive rental/rehab properties⭐️

⭐️ INCLUDED WITH YOUR ALL ACCESS PASS & INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP - Fee for Non-Members | Breakfast & Coffee Provided RSVP HERE: https://ssiconline.com/bus-tours/ ⭐️ Hands On Learning Touring these properties with the investor gives you insight and knowledge that cannot be learned in a class room or online. ⭐️ Real Numbers During the bus tour, we share actual data for each property: purchase price, how we found it, estimated rehab costs, and the ARV. ⭐️ What You Will See: A Wide Variety of Properties: Fantastic properties available for purchase Pre-Rehab Properties: We might also walk properties that cannot be purchased along with professional real estate investors to see how they determine the cost of rehab Rehab-in-Process Properties: We will be touring properties that are in various stages of rehab to provide some live examples of what the process looks like throughout the rehab Finished/Listed Properties: We tour properties where the rehab is complete and discuss actual purchase, rehab costs, and all the in’s and out’s. RSVP HERE: https://ssiconline.com/bus-tours/ ⭐️ BUS TOUR AGENDA 8:00 am – 8:30 am Registration & Networking 8:30 am – 9:00 am Welcome/Mindset/Intro to Bus Tour Madness! 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Bus tour through St. Louis Properties

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