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TheThingsNetwork Philippines is hosted by Packetworx Inc.

Packetworx is the new telco for things. We enable the adoption of IoT by creating the infrastructure to connect ‘things’ to the Internet. We are the official host for TTN in South East Asia and the first and only member of the LoRa Alliance in the Philippines.

This account serves as a placeholder for meetups, collaborations, and learning for all IoT enthusiasts that support LoRaWAN and TheThingsNetwork in Philippines, and specifically in Manila.

The Things Network is building a network for the Internet of Things by creating abundant data connectivity, so applications and businesses can flourish.

The technology we use is called LoRaWAN and it allows for things to talk to the internet without 3G or WiFi. So no WiFi codes and no mobile subscriptions.

It features low battery usage, long range and low bandwidth. Perfect for the internet of things.

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