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This is a place where we nurture ideas, ideals, friendships, and any human contribution aimed at making our lives richer, funner (yes, this is a word now), at least more bearable, and hopefully more meaningful and enjoyable.

The Village is a platform for us to hear and learn from each other. We share experiences, insights, and intellectual resources in the pursuit of fun, togetherness, and positive impact.

Whether you are good at math or good at cooking a meal, whether you wrote an amazing book or are an OK mom, whether you are good at being a thoughtful friend or a mentor to someone, whether you have a fast brain or have artsy inclinations, whether you actually manage to keep your house clean or are good at programming, there are thousands of people out there who suck at what you are good at.

No formal education in philosophy is required, but if you know things we don't, feel free to spread the light!

Please join us to teach, learn, and reflect on our human existence.

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The morality of perpetuating ourselves: on parenting & more

Online event

Hello friends!

I missed you all and I have had a busy first year as a parent but I did not forget this meetup exists!

Despite the short notice, I hope we can get together to discuss a frequently-requested topic: parenting and procreating.

This being such a vast experience, we will look at it from several perspectives: as children to our parents, as parents ourselves (biological or spiritual), as aspiring parents, as global citizens who may see perpetuating the human species as an immoral act.

The discussion points will be presented during the meetup rather than listed here.

Please, bring your questions and thoughts to the virtual table and share with us your view of a better world: does it include humans? And if so, how do we parent for a better world? And for personal happiness?

PS: if turnout is low due to the short notice or another reason, this event will be rescheduled.

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