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What we’re about

Wicklow hiking and adventure group is for people of all ages who enjoy the great outdoors. We have had people on our hikes from age 15 to 74, all are welcome! The social aspect of our group is hugely important and the laid back convivial atmosphere is paramount to what we do. The main rule is, come out to enjoy yourself, have a laugh and unwind. We ask for a contribution of €1 per hike this covers the renewal fees meetup charges to keep the page active, purchasing maps and when a bus needs to be subsidised for low numbers,the remainder will be put towards social events. Our walks do not have leaders, our organisers are a voluntary bunch who take the time to work out routes and share their knowledge of them, they are not responsible for you in any way. I would recommend to those unsure about hiking and requiring structured, supported guidance to consider a hiking club rather than a social meetup group. Members must update their RSVP 24 hours before a hike so as to be fair to members on the waitlist, failure to do this will result in membership being revoked. As this is a hiking group please prepare yourself adequtely with the proper kit for our hikes. Proper sturdy walking boots with ankle support aswell as warm comfortable clothing are to be recommended, it is very much advised to pack a waterproof jacket and trousers also as weather can vary. I look forward to seeing you all out with my group, supported as I am by my fantastic team of event organisers. And please always remember our most important 'rule' get out there and enjoy yourself! Enda :) Posting to the meetup group page and contacting other members: Members are reminded that the meetup group page is a fantastic facility and we encourage everyone to use it in a fun, respectful and goodwilled manner. We do not tolerate: People discussing other groups, their activities or their members on our group page. Members contacting other members be it by public or private means before firstly agreeing to such on the group meetup page. I.e. you ask the person on the open group forum, you do not send to their private email without their expressed consent. Either of these infringements will result in your removal from the group. These rules for the vast majority are never an issue, it is important however that we are all clear. We look forward to seeing you out with our group! :)