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If you are an Author or Writer who struggles to find good critique partners, and want to meet like-minded creatives then you have come to the right place. Please join us and share the story that only you can write. -- Our critiques follow the following format, which takes 10-15 minutes per piece of work: 1) The author has an opportunity to introduce their work with any preface or comment of their choice. Reader comments are directed to the group, not to the author. 2) In the first discussion section, readers are asked to make positive comments. What did you enjoy about the work? What struck you as being done particularly well? What makes this work stick out in your mind? Why do you think it is artistically good, or commercially marketable? 3) The second section is for constructive criticism. What did you not think was executed well? What changes do you think would help improve the work? These criticisms should be constructive, intended to improve the work - and they should be criticisms of the work itself, not of the author. This is a section for issues larger than misspellings or grammatical errors. 4) The author is invited to make a brief comment in response to criticisms. Sometimes there will be questions the author can answer for the group. Authors are discouraged from being defensive against criticism - if you disagree with a comment, it's best to take what value you can from it and move on. 5) Once we are done with critiques, we return the manuscript to each author for their review at a later time. (We do not line-edit, nor do we discuss spelling and punctuation errors or mismatched verbs.) This is where small criticisms, like grammar errors and misspellings, can be mentioned. HOW THE PIECES FOR CRITIQUE ARE DISTRIBUTED: Pieces are distributed to active members in attendance. This give readers an opportunity to read and write comments if they choose. Please make enough copies for at least 10 people. HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK FOR CRITIQUE: The group will accept any type of work (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, lyrics, script, etc) but we do ask for a 4,000 word maximum. If your work is significantly longer than 4,000 words, we ask you to break it into sections. When you submit your work, remember to include, at the very least, your name, a title (if there is one), and to number your pages. It is also very helpful to note, on your cover page, whether the work is a stand-alone piece, or a section of a longer piece. If it is a section of a longer piece, and not the beginning, it is recommended that provide a very brief (1 paragraph or so) summary of relevant information from earlier in the work, to aid in the reader's understanding. Lastly, while we are a group for adults, we are committed to free expression, and we reject censorship, we've learned that it's to the author's benefit to include a cover-page warning about any especially graphic sex or violence in your work. This is not because explicit work will be refused - it's so your critique session isn't dominated by a few readers who were shocked and appalled, and to respect the wishes of some readers with delicate sensibilities. The submission format is as follows: (1) submit up to a maximum of 10 pages (2) use 1" margins all around; (3) use 10-12 point Times New Roman or Courier font; (4) number the pages; and (5) be sure that the book's title and your name are the header. **** If you are in the middle of the story, please write a single-spaced introductory paragraph or two outlining major plot points so far and the theme of the work. Include short bios for two or three major characters. Manuscripts will be available only to the individuals who RSVP to the meeting. We divide the critique time by the number of submissions so that all writers get equal time. Please Note: We are open to "ALL" forms of writing. Please remember to be kind and courteous, but also honest. Please avoid excessively slanderous, sexist, and racist remarks; unwarranted sexual advances; words said in terrible taste; and other inappropriate behavior. This type of conduct in our group is not tolerated. We do critique sessions in order to improve our writing, not to pat each other's backs or to tear each other down. "The dreamers of the day are dangerous people. For they dream their dreams with open eyes, and make them come true.” ~D.H. Lawrence

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    The Writers Group is a group dedicated to helping and encouraging writers (18+) of all levels, and genres in pursuing their dreams of becoming published writers.

    We offer positive feedback and methods in helping to make sure that your first steps into writing are positive ones, while for the more experienced writers we offer substantive critiques to help sharpen your work on its way to submission for publication.

    We have many writers who have professional credits to their name from many publishing houses, whether they are poems, short stories or full-length novels. We also have writers who have literary representation. With this large swath of experience, The Writers Group can offer you guidance to reaching your goals.

    "Do not say harmful things, but say what people need; words that will help others become stronger." -Ephesians 4:29

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