Saturday Men's Meeting (Sorry ladies no women this time. If a woman wants to host a women only event please contact me and we can make it happen.)

Arrive at 7:45! Meeting starts promptly at 8:00. Don't be the guy walking in late.

Some of you met some of the Nation Of Men guys at the kayaking day, community service projects, or men's BBQs we've had in the past. They meet the fist Saturday of each month at Bramhall Park on Willow St near Meridian Ave, at the end of the park closest to Meridian Ave. A map is below.

If you want more contact with men for friends, camaraderie, and even support try the Nation of Men's monthly meeting. They meet as a group, usually 40 or so men on a Saturday morning. Where Happy Hour Singles and Friends is pretty much all about making friends, the Nation of Men is about friendship and camaraderie and expands that to include support, men's work, and striving to be a better man. All of us can be better at some aspect of our lives, right?

Each meeting is different. But the meeting usually has some aspect of being social with other men, a little introspection, and a little fun. The meeting ends at 10:00 AM. Then they have a breakfast prepared in the park.

Hope to see you there.