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********** I believe in old fashioned things. - Simple life - Good food - I believe in being a kid with not too many rules - who can play for hours on end, - part of a community who shares the same values - and, I believe that having quality connections with friends can set kids up to thrive! Every Tuesday I want you to be a part of my Old-Fashioned-Drop-By! The ages of children who attend have been anywhere from birth to 7 or so. These happen to be the ages of my four children, so it all makes sense from that point of view :-) However, I want to make it known that my vision for this day is more of a family-to-family meet-up with no age restrictions. Even older children, who might need a change of scenery on a Tuesday, can benefit from going for a swim if it's hot or reading under our awesome tree in the fall. This is an open invitation to have some quality time together during the homeschool day from 9am - 3pm. It’s like a Revolving-Door-Party every Tuesday from 9am - 3pm We will have projects that will excite young children as well as satisfy elementary school age kids. The main focus isn’t the activity, it’s getting together so we can build ourselves into a learning community. I’ll be happy & feel like it was a success if the only thing my kids learn is that we have a lot of like-minded families around us who mirror our values. It will help these homeschool kids not feel out of place in the midst of our culture that oftentimes is unsupportive (even unknowingly) of the premises homeschooling entails. That being said, we will certainly focus on learning & fun every Tuesday! An added element I’d like to incorporate this year is to get the kids involved in deciding what they would like to do for each following Tuesday. So, the plans are subject to change at the last minute. I will provide some supplies, but everyone is encouraged to bring any toys/healthy snacks that may boost the kids’ fun! Speaking of snacks, as an Integrative Nutrition Health Counselor and a mom to kids with food allergies, I am very sensitive and accommodating to any dietary needs. Just let me know if this applies!! Thanks, Natalie & Chad, JayLeigh, Jasper, Juna, Jovie P.S. I also like modern things. Feel free to message me on MeetUp or text me 480-246-7624 to let me know what time you plan to drop by :-)

Natalie Lawson's House

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We are a group of home educators who are looking to make valuable and long lasting friends and resources for our children, their education, their social well-being and also for parental friendship and support.

We value childhood, imagination and creativity, self-led education, peaceful parenting, secularism and compassion to animals.

As this is a member-run group, we encourage everyone to host their own events - to bring new ideas, talents and skills to the group. Scheduling a meetup is easy: Just go to the "group tools" drop-down menu and select "Schedule a Meetup" and fill out the simple form.

All meetups will seek to be learner-driven, fun and strictly vegan. We will work to support each other in our unschooling efforts by providing shared resources to our kids to enrich their learning experience, taking them on field trips, encouraging play as a key educational tool, providing guidance to help them reach their educational goals, encouraging friendships, and fostering an enriching and supportive community for both parents and children alike.

We look forward to this group growing and welcome any like minded families to join us!

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