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The games are about using improvisational acting skills to create short scenes in small groups based on suggestions from the other players.

Theatre Games sessions run at Ross House 247 Flinders Lane Melbourne on the first Saturday on the first fortnight of each month and on the Sunday of the second fortnight of each month.

The Public Speaking Workshop is held on alternative weekends.

The Theatre Games may involve creating a scene by narrating a story the players act out.

This may involve making up a song that the players perform.

This may involve creating a story a word at a time.

The style of game and the style of performance is limited only by our imaginations.

The focus is on fun and enjoyment. If you want get involved in more serious improvisational acting there is an opportunity for that too.

Theatre games is about improvisational acting. You don't need to have any acting experience just a sense of fun and mischief.

Each game invites the group of players to respond to a prompt from the audience or the book of prompts.

The group is then given time to come up with a response according to the game. All of the games involve some element of performance. It could involve acting out the words spoken by a narrator telling a story. It could involve making up a song and performing it. It might be telling a story one sentence or one word at a time.

If you have never played theatre games before don't worry we have a quick warm up at the beginning to get everybody acting, singing, dancing and improvising.

The Improvisational Storytelling Workshop is about creating and telling fictional and nonfictional stories.

You don't need to have any storytelling, stand up comedy or public speaking experience just a sense of fun and mischief.

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