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Expat Theatre Night N°2: Somewhere in this Life + Drinks + Subtitles :)
• What we'll do Another Expat Theatre Night (French play, English subtitles, and drinks with expats) to look forward to, hosted by Theatre in Paris and Angloinfo! *Drink included with your ticket, choice of champagne or wine* -Ticket sales are officially open and available here: Shows at the Théâtre Edouard VII are often sold out fast, sprawling with French spectators, so we strongly recommend ordering tickets in advance. -The plan: Last time you saw a modest, intimate Parisian show with English subtitles. This time, expect to be wowed again- but by a modern, star-studded production and cast, in a venue that will take your breath away! The show will also be in French, with English subtitles. 'Somewhere in this Life' starts at 5:30 pm and runs till 7:15 pm. After the show, present your ticket at the theatre's café Guitry to get your drink, champagne or wine, *included in the price of your ticket.* If it's your first time with us, you'll meet the Theatre in Paris team, and other like-minded expats in Paris! You can also look forward to contests during the post-show meetup. :) If it's your second time, can't wait to see you again! Don't forget to let your friends know you're going by responding and sharing the Facebook event! • What to bring Theatre in Paris tickets + be ready to meet other expats! • Important to know Tickets and details: This event has limited spots, reserve early!

Theatre Edouard VII

10 place Edouard VII 75009 · Paris

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Help Laurence discover what is on in English to create a Meetup and share a drink or meal before or after. As we don't always manage to find out what is on in English without your help.

Laugh with Lisa in our StandUp spotlight with two shows every Wednesday - drinks at the bar.

Other members regularly create interesting Meetups, including the Big Funk Company Sunday Brunches and show or Colin David Reese's specialist Shakespearean events, to name only a few...

If you in a production, create an event and let's share the fun as you can host this event every night, free of charge.

So come and join us and let's have fun! We all buy our own tickets to see the shows.

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