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What we’re about

THEOLOGY AT THE BOTTLEWORKS is a monthly public discussion that takes up some of the most interesting and important issues of our day. We bring together an amazing diversity of interesting people; it’s the best public discussion in town, hands down. 

In older times, people would gather in the public square to discuss important events of the day. St. Louis does not have a public square, but Theology at the Bottleworks is intended to create just that. Unlike most events, around which only like-minded people gather, this monthly discussion forum provides a respectful place for anyone of any political or religious view to participate in a moderated forum. 

A Forum for Commentary on Culture

For 15 years, the Theology at the Bottleworks discussion series has brought people of all political, religious and philosophical views together to talk about things that are important to all of us. Our events have been noted by the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, South City Journal, and the New York Times, proving that our topics, our location and our open forum method of talking about subjects that matter have struck a nerve.