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Theology on Tap exists to create healthy,
meaningful, and diverse dialogue on theological and social issues that we face each day. Everyone is welcome to this conversation; Atheists, life long Christians, Agnostics, Liberals, Conservatives, etc. We are all welcomed to the conversation and a beer!

Theology on Tap uses curriculum and resources provided by Brew Theology. You can check them out at http://www.brewtheology.org

Theology on Tap is a ministry of New Hope Presbyterian Church in Castle Rock.

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Climate Change

Wild Blue Yonder Brewing Co.

The debate rages on in America whether Climate Change is real or not. 99% of all scientists say it is and we should be worried, but some still hold out. Does our view of God, creation, and our place in it directly affect how we interact with climate change?


Wild Blue Yonder Brewing Co.

Christians are obsessed with sex. For generations countless people have suffered pain, guilt, and judgment as a result of Christianity’s fixation on sex, the body, and sexual orientation. How can we create a better sexual ethic? *Optional* Check out Nadia Bolz Weber's new book: Shameless


Wild Blue Yonder Brewing Co.

A discussion on the culture of fear that we live in. Everything from religion to politics implements fear as a motivating factor. How can we live unafraid in a fearful society?

Bahai Faith

Wild Blue Yonder Brewing Co.

We welcome speakers and discussion on a series focused on other religions. This month we will learn and discuss the Bahai Faith.

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Wild Blue Yonder Brewing Co.

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