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Purpose? A joint effort to learn, discuss and tackle the fundamental problems and theorems of Theoretical Computer Science, including Program Synthesis, Theory of Computation (Turing 1937), Recursion Theory (Kleene), Incompleteness in Logic (Godel 1931, Rosser 1936), Paradoxes (Liar and Russell's) and any other problem related to the topics discussed on Googe Groups sci.logic If Godel, Turing and paradoxes (and even Rosser and Smullyan) turn you on, if you spend time reading about, thinking about, and even developing answers to the important unsolved problems of Theoretical Computer Science, then please join us to show that two or more heads ARE better than one (in humans even if not in Turing Machines.) Interested in applying formal methods - Mathematics - to problems at work or at play? Bring them along and we'll all have fun being the first to solve your puzzles for you. Five new members this week - we're now the biggest Computer Science Meet-Up on earth - tied with Wolfram!

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