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This meet up is for anyone interested in quantum mechanics, special relativity, the grand unification and theoretical or hypothetical quandaries into the quantum world. This Meetup is meant to inspire a collaborative group of people to help one another in order to process or theorize hypothetical ideas of the quantum world. These ideas may also stretch from the quantum mechanical world of subatomic particles to the macroscopic world of cosmological celestial bodies of the vast cosmos. Together we can help each other solve complex problems in the mathematics of quantum geometry and super positional states of matter.

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I'd love if we could get together a weekly QFT study group. It's a notoriously difficult subject to learn on your own, and undergraduate physics stops just short of it - but everybody knows it's where the real goodies are. I had one basic class in it but I'm not very good. Alternatively I'd be happy to lead a reading group on basic QM, for people who have only a limited physics background or who need to brush up (and if I'm honest I might count myself in the latter category.) Although, I'm a mathematician by nature, so I might give it a bit of a slant in that direction in the unfortunate event that there's no one there to keep me in line.

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QED - play & discussion about Richard Feynman

Lantern Theater Company

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