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This is the official Meetup of Therapeutic Brain Inventures ( https://therapeuticbraininventures.com ) and is free and open to the public. This moderated group is intended to help victims of traumatic brain injuries and their families, friends, and support network get their lives and minds back.

This is not your traditional support group. Whether you have had a severe concussion that is still haunting you or are healing from a diagnosed traumatic brain injury, we want to help you find what you lost, rediscover yourself, and help you get your mind and life back. We want you to know that you are NOT stuck with the life you have. You can change it. We can help you change your life today. In other words, this is a group for people that want to get better.

By the way, an "inventure" is an invention + an adventure: an adventure of the mind, a creative and engaging intellectual action.

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Our Second Meeting!!!

Brewing Market Coffee

Our First Meeting!!!

Brewing Market Coffee

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