What we're about

This group is for people who work with or are interested in working with NLP and hypnotherapy at a therapeutic level.

Perhaps you are already NLP trained but don't have the confidence to work with the deeper issues that people present such as illness, depression or low self-esteem.

Or maybe you're new to NLP and hypnotherapy and interested in training but want something more serious and real than the vast majority of accelerated courses out there that will leave you feeling ill-equipped to work with people at anything more than a superficial level.

If so this group will act as a wonderful source of information through live meetings and online webinars.

The meetings will include such things as:

Case study groups
Guest speakers
Practice building workshops
Specialist-skills webinars

You'll discover how you can work therapeutically by developing a person-centred relationship in which you form deeper connections with your clients than traditional "quick-fix" NLP suggests.

We'll enable you to reach a deeper level of understanding about how such NLP and hypnotherapy can be used in a therapeutic manner working with clients over longer periods and on a wider range of real-life issues.

Let's be honest, can you really expect to build a genuine therapeutic practice off helping people stop biting their fingernails with the Swish pattern or putting them off chocolate with a submodality shift?

These are parlor tricks compared to what's really possible with grounded, therapeutic work when you have the processes and relational confidence.

We know that in experienced, confident hands, NLP and hypnotherapy are life-changing tools and we want to ensure a new generation of practitioners who can work transformationally to bring around this change.

Join us if you're ready to develop to become truly expert in this field.

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