• Visual Studio 2019 Launch


    Visual Studio 2019 is here! On April 2nd Microsoft will broadcast a full day of awesome Visual Studio 2019 technical content to celebrate the launch and get you up to speed with all the new features. Let's watch it together!

  • Refactoring a 1000 Lines of Code Method into Clean(er) Code

    Long functions in even longer classes can often be found in mature code bases. Even though every programmer knows it's wrong to keep such a beast in production, every one of us has been feeding one of those for at least some time. In this lecture, we will show the process of building large functions from scratch. We will then turn attention to one such function, which has about 1000 lines of code. You will see why we need to break such monstrous functions into smaller chunks and then we will embark on a voyage to refactor and redesign it into smaller chunks of code. If you have passion for Sudoku, then the example we present will surely amuse you. The program we will be dealing with is setting up Sudoku problems and then it solves each problem, verbalizing all decisions and explaining the solution in common English sentences. But, the way in which this interesting program does its task is, at the same time, the greatest impediment to its further development. That is the point at which this lecture begins. Before attending this talk, you may wish to try fixing the same code on your own. Please download the initial solution from GitHub repository: https://github.com/zoran-horvat/sudoku-kata

  • An AI Journey. With Savvas Parastratidis (Co - Founder of Cortana)

    Τεχνολογίες Ψηφιακών Βοηθών και ο ρόλος της Τεχνητής Νοημοσύνης στην Ανάπτυξή τους (plus Q n A)

  • Introduction To Azure Batch


    High Performance Computing (HPC) on Azure , what is it, and how it can help Developers and DevOps.

  • Getting started with Azure Machine Learning Studio

    Preparing the dataset - Train a classification model - Publish a web service based on the trained model - Consume the web service from a .NET Console application

  • .NET Core 3.0. An evening with Scott Hanselman

    The highlight of .NET Core 3 is support for Windows desktop applications, specifically Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Framework (WPF), and UWP XAML. You will be able to run new and existing Windows desktop applications on .NET Core and enjoy all the benefits that .NET Core has to offer. Learn everything about it from Scott Hanselman (via Skype).

  • Introduction to C# 8.0


    Learn all about C# 8 new features from Mark Michaelis (via Skype). Mark Michaelis is founder of IntelliTect, where he serves as its chief technical architect and trainer. For nearly two decades he has been a Microsoft MVP, and a Microsoft Regional Director since 2007. Michaelis serves on several Microsoft software design review teams, including C#, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint and Visual Studio ALM. He speaks at developer conferences and has written numerous books, including his most recent, “Essential C# 7.0 (6th Edition)” (itl.tc/EssentialCSharp). Contact him on Facebook at facebook.com/Mark.Michaelis, on his blog at IntelliTect.com/Mark, on Twitter: @markmichaelis or via e-mail at [masked].

  • An Intro to using Typescript with React


    We are happy to announce a joint meetup with Thessaloniki reactJS meetup. Typescript and React are a great combination. Typescript allows you to define strict types for your React components, their props, and states, as well as event handlers. In this meetup, we 'll learn * A quick intro to typescript * How and why to use Typescript with React and having fun with the typing system. * The fastest way to get started with React and Typescript, * Tips and tricks and gotchas in small and larger web applications * How to user typescript with babel and webpack * How to benefit from typescript in existing applications Presenters: Ziazios K and Pavlos Koutoglou

  • Serverless .NET using AWS Lambda: from zero to hero

    coho, the coworking home (www.coho.gr)

    Serverless challenges long-held beliefs about applications architecture and transforms the way we do business by providing a much cheaper alternative to the traditional computing model of provisioning and managing our own servers. Additionally, serverless applications scale automatically to precisely match the size of our workload. AWS Lambda has been the first such managed service to launch by a Cloud provider back in November 2014 and it has changed the landscape since, leading other Cloud providers to follow suit. Creating a C# Lambda function or application with .NET Core 2.x as its runtime has been available since January 2018 and in this meetup we'll explore lessons learned from the .NET serverless trenches in the months since. We'll start by going over some of the common use cases for Lambda functions, triggers and targets as well as limitations. We will then go on to build an enterprise-grade Lambda function by starting small and then refactoring towards well-known Object-oriented programming best practices with an eye for resiliency and maximizing code re-usability. Lastly, we will look into the available tooling options when it comes to managing a complete DevOps life-cycle of a Lambda function; starting with our IDE all the way to CI/CD pipelines. Panos Tsilopoulos is a certified AWS DevOps professional.

  • Special Event: The Searching Movie

    Πλατεία Odeon

    This time we go to the movies, for a very tech related movie. Story After David Kim (John Cho)'s 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a local investigation is opened and a detective is assigned to the case. But 37 hours later and without a single lead, David decides to search the one place no one has looked yet, where all secrets are kept today: his daughter's laptop. In a hyper-modern thriller told via the technology devices we use every day to communicate, David must trace his daughter's digital footprints before she disappears forever. More https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7668870/