An Intro to using Typescript with React

Thessaloníki ReactJS Meetup
Thessaloníki ReactJS Meetup
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Hello, Reactors! We are excited to announce our ReactJS meetup on Wednesday 14th November at OK Thess! Typescript and React are a great combination. Typescript allows you to define strict types for your React components, their props, and states, as well as event handlers.

Kostantinos Ziazios and Pavlos Koutoglou have prepared an interesting presentation for us!

Here is what we will learn:
* A quick intro to typescript
* How and why to use Typescript with React and having fun with the typing system.
* The fastest way to get started with React and Typescript,
* Tips, tricks and gotchas in small and larger web applications
* How to use typescript with babel and webpack
* How to benefit from typescript in existing applications

P.S. Free pizza for everyone!

This event is sponsored by Toptal,