Test Automation Workshop! Selenium & Java United to Test GUI Apps Automatically!


• What we'll do

Test Automation Workshop!

A step by step live tutorial on how to create a UI test automation project from scratch using Java, Maven, Selenium WebDriver, Page Objects, TestNG, IntelliJ IDEA CE.

With the support and collaboration of Java Meetup Thessaloniki.

From requirements to specifications, from specifications to test design, from test design to test implementation, from test implementation to test execution, from test execution to test results analysis.

The test implementation will be done, step by step, from a simple spaghetti example, to an object oriented approach using page object pattern.

• What to bring

For the workshop, it is optional to have a Laptop with IntelliJ IDEA installed. Some prerequisite steps will be communicated weeks before workshop in order to complete the needed preparation and avoid any delay during workshop. All the steps with screenshots and source code (to copy-paste if it is needed) will be also uploaded in a URL as a help tool during workshop.

• Important to know

Kind note: if someone will sign up to attend the seminar, but eventually can not come, please declare it the soonest possible, to give the opportunity to another member to attend. Thank you.