Build your react.js app with Automated AI Visual Testing.


This united meetup will be a discussion about testing react.js apps and how you can apply to your app, unit, integration and e2e testing.

Also, we will talk about tools and QA processes that help us avoid issues or failures to our app regarding the component's style.

Pavlos Koutoglou (, will talk about the nature of react apps and how tests should apply during the development process.
Jest, and Mocha are the most common javascript testing frameworks. We will do an introduction to all of them and how to set them to a pipeline.

John Pourdanis (, will demonstrate an interesting tool called Applitools Eyes ( Applitools is built to test all the elements that appear on a screen with just one line of code.
Using AI powered cognitive vision, you can automatically verify that your web or mobile app appears correctly across all devices, all browsers and all screen sizes.

We will also talk about how important is testing to frond-end and how we can improve the quality of our apps.