Test Automation Workshop - "Service testing - Introduction to SoapUI and Groovy"


Main topics to be discussed in this workshop are:
1. What is a web service?
2. What does "REST", "SOAP" and "WSDL" mean?
3. Why to test a web service?
4. SoapUI introduction & basic terms (request, response, assertions etc.)
5. What is Groovy language and when do we use it?
6. Examples and real-time practice!

So, charge your laptop, buy new mouse batteries and join us!

You will also receive instructions, just to make a simple preparationbefore coming to the workshop.

Until then, stay tuned!

PS1: No need for seat reservation, first comes-first sits
PS2: For the first time ever, we will have pizzas and beers sponsored by Comquent (https://www.comquent.de/en/)
PS3: Also, a lottery will take place, where we will giveaway 1 free ticket for Thessaloniki’s' Voxxeddays on 19 and 20 of November.

Preparation instructions for the workshop attendees can be found here: https://goo.gl/7E5RPw