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We gather together to consciously heal, grow, and manifest the life we want. Theta Healing is essentially applied quantum physics. Using a theta brain wave; which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, the practitioner is able to connect with the energy of All That Is -- the energy in everything -- to identify issues and witness healing on the physical body, and also to identify and change limiting beliefs. Take Control and Create Your Best Life Ever! Learn more about Theta Healing and other spiritual healing modalities that you can use in your everyday life. It's Possible, Possible for You, and Possible for You Now! Because we are all the creators of our own reality, we create everything in our lives based on the beliefs we have in our subconscious mind. Spiritual Healing allows us to reprogram those beliefs to live the life we have always wanted. If your heart tells you that you are ready to free yourself from painful relationships, financial struggles, anxiety, illness, insomnia, depression, or more - Spiritual Healing is for you. HAVE YOU EVERY WISHED YOU COULD.... Enjoy prosperity. Experience greater joy in your relationships. Find the love you have been yearning for. Improve your emotional or physical health. Enjoy a true spiritual connection. Be free to live your life on your terms. In Spiritual Healing work, we connect to the divine life force (Creator, Spirit, God, Buddha, Allah, etc.) to identify significant programs in your subconscious that block or limit you from living the life you desire, remove those blocks and reprogram you with beliefs or feelings that are more beneficial to you. Spiritual Healing works with your subconscious, your connection with the divine life force, your cells, and your neuronal connections. Your subconscious beliefs and your reality are complex and may have roots in your ancestors that are passed on to you in your DNA, the experiences and lessons of your soul, what you learned and experienced in your life, and group consciousness.

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