Internet Of Things Meetup Portland - Join Us!

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100 people went

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Hello Folks,

Finally set a date and venue for the September Meetup.
We will be back at the wonderful Puppet Labs.

Four short,snappy and peppy talks to inspire ideas and conversation.


Arduino Yun and Temboo - Arduino with Linux, Wifi and webservices!!

Matthew Flaming - "Connecting microcontrollers to cloud-based services is often challenging -- but it doesn't have to be. We'll look at how the Temboo system can make it (nearly) effortless to make the Arduino Yun send SMS messages, read Tweets, create emails, retrieve weather data, interact with databases, and more. I'm hoping to demo using the Yun to connect to a few different cloud services, including (probably) Yahoo! Weather, Twitter, and Google Docs."

The $1k Hardware Contest and Oregons Plans for a Hardware Incubator

Steve Morris, - This is your chance to get yourself and your startup on the radar for a local hardware incubator that is being considered. If you are an IoT entreprenuer or someone who wants to get involved with one, come hear this talk and make sure you get on Steve's radar. The more we can rally to this the more we collectively help ourselves.

TechStars IoT Accelerator - What could 150k and a big Rolodex do for your IoT Idea?

Dylan Boyd - Techstars. Wow, this is something that the IoT space sorely needed and the Techstars folk are delivering it. Money, mentoring, experience and contacts. Please do take time out to hear what is going on and what the experience will offer for your IoT startup.


Robert Gallup - Bob has been pushing his platform out there and in this talk he updates on his progress, perils and learnings that he is kindly sharing with us.

Quick review of JS programming on the Arduino and the ramifications thereof!

Nathan Guisinger - Portland. Javascript is cool. It's learnable, extensible and everywhere these days. Some of the libraries for it are really promising for hardware and product hackers. In this short overview, Nathan presents a quick intro to the potential of Javascript on embedded hardware.

As always - if you want to talk or make an announcement, email me and I'll see what can be done!