Past Meetup

Learning Kitsuke (Wearing Kimono) + Traditional Japanese Music Instruments

Price: $25.00 /per person
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Dear members,

Hope you're doing fine.

Mrs. Hattori, renowned player/instructor of Tsuzumi (drum) and Shamisen, traditional Japanese music instruments, is going to teach us again, this time on how to put on Kimono and also playing the instruments at her house in Torrance.

I'd like to express my sincere gratitude for her generosity again - we've had meetups going to her concerts, enjoying her Hinaningyo for Hinamatsuri and learning how to put on Yukata (simplified summer kimono).

Please check out the past events below:

This time we'll learn how to put on regular kimono (she has both male and female kimonos - enough for 8 people to try on). Then she'll show us how to play Tsuzumi and Shamisen.

Light Japanese refreshments with green tea and other Japanese beverages will be served as well. What a fun afternoon we're going to have together!)

To attend, please RSVP with $25 prepayment by Paypal. The address information will be sent to the attendees only who have paid.

Thank you and see you there!