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ThingsCon Salon #12; The Internet of Sleep

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Monique van D. and Iskander S.
ThingsCon Salon #12; The Internet of Sleep


This ThingsCon Salon brings together designers, entrepreneurs, and creators for a selection of presentations on various forms of sleep technology. The focus is on practical experiences in this field.

Technology is getting closer and closer to our body - and minds. Wearables read our behavior and our data is shared, combined, analyzed and integrated to enhance its effects. A very personal field of activity is the field of sleep. How can we use IoT tools to sleep better? How can we integrate sleep data to improve sleep? How can IoT designers develop products and services that make a difference?

Organised by ThingsCon Amsterdam. Curated and moderated by your local insomniac Monique van Dusseldorp

16.30-17.00 Walk in
17.00-20.00 Talks
20.00-21.00 Drinks

Confirmed speakers

• Alexander van Wijnen is a philosopher, strategist at Dasym and member of the FreedomLab Thinktank. Dasym is an independent, research-driven investment company headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai. In his introduction, Alexander van Wijnen will talk about the world’s current focus on sleep and what this means for innovation.

• Sami Niemelä (Finland) is a designer and co-founder of the design and transformation agency Nordkapp. He helped design Beddit, a sleep tracker that uses ballistocardiography through an ultra-thin sensor that you place under your sheet. Every night, the sensor automatically measures sleep, heart rate, breathing, snoring and bedroom environment. The sensor was released to rave reviews in October 2016 and was acquired by Apple in 2017. At the moment, he is working with Oura Ring, a sleep tracker in the form of a ring. The Oura ring features scientifically validated sleep tracking and personalized guidance based on data from over a million nights and days.

• Julian Jagtenberg (the Netherlands) is one of the founders of Somnox, the world’s first sleep robot to improve sleep by breathing regulation, sounds, and affection. As an industrial design engineer who studied at the TUDelft, he is responsible for the design of Somnox. His passion for sleep and technology are one of his key drivers to bring you the best sleep-inducing content. Sleep faster, longer and wake up energized! (scientific background Somnox sleep robot)

• Thomas Visser (the Netherlands) is senior design researcher at Philips Design. For years, Philips has been one of the market leaders in CPAP treatment for sleep apnea (Philips Dream Family). Recently Philips has also announced two new consumer products to further support people in having the best possible sleep experience: Somneo and SmartSleep. These breakthrough products enable an ecosystem of sleep products and services that help people to stay healthy and energized.

• Erik Pouwen of the Engaged - Group will talk about next-generation contactless measurement and personal algorithms for Epilepsy and Sleep. How can you measure sleep with a collection of sensors? Radar technology and the newest generation of chips allow for the measurement of heartbeats, breathing patterns and movement.

The event is open to anyone interested in IoT developments, medtech and a good night's sleep. We especially welcome attendees who want to create and develop IoT products and services.
FreedomLab Campus
Plantage Middenlaan 62 · 1018DH
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