Salon #10 (Antwerp); Idea generation & IoT


In many cases, a design and development process starts off with an initial spark, a concept, an idea. During this salon, we want to spend some time on introducing how internet-connected product concepts change the way we look at idea generation. We will dive into existing tools, and identify opportunities and challenges.

* 17h : doors open & walking dinner
* 18h30 : five short talks, covering a fair part of the ideation spectrum.

# Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino # (@iotwatch)
Alex is an interaction designer, product designer, entrepreneur based in London, UK. She is the Director of designswarm, a strategic consultancy focusing on the internet of things.

# Anthony Liekens # (@aliekens)
Anthony is an eclectic high-tech skill collector with a keen interest in anything science and technology. He is a real life mad scientist — doctor in biomedical technology, master in computer science and sous-chef in French cuisine. Anthony teaches at Thomas More where he gets student groups to ideate, design and make IoT products.

# Albrecht Kurze [DE] # (@AlbrechtKurze)
Albrecht Kurze is a researcher at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany. He is in an interdisciplinary team (@Miteinander_TUC) with competences in computer science, design and social sciences. Their mission is to design and develop for the Internet of Things: user centered, participatory and critical.

# Dries De Roeck [BE] # (@driesderoeck)
Dries is a designer, researcher and leads all things research at the creative agency Studio Dott (Belgium). In his research work, he questions how design processes change when digital and physical products become increasingly intertwined. He is the creator of the IOT ideation cards and sporadically hosts local Thingscon events.

# Harm Van Beek [NL] # (@theincmac)
Harm van Beek co-founded The Incredible Machine, a strategic design lab with a focus on emerging technologies. Their team helps innovators to discover opportunities for progress and validate innovative concepts quickly. Doing so, they "take the guesswork out of innovation".

* 20h30 - 22h00 : drinks

Event MC : Peter Bihr [DE] (@peterbihr)

This Salon is hosted by Studio Dott (
Studio Dott is an Antwerp based all-round creative design and advice studio that helps clients with the design of their digital and physical products, interiors, services, and strategies.