ThingsCon Salon #14 - The Real Future of Mobility

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ThingsCon Salon
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Smart mobility is a hot topic. Autonomous driving, new platforms for mobility with Mobility as a Service, changing city infrastructures for bikes. The theme is quite broad. In this Salon we will take a look into the envisioned future and connect this to what is necessary to make this future for real.

! We will facilitate a workshop for 10-30 people. More info and RSVP for the workshop here:

In the meetup we will give the floor to three to four thought provoking speakers to discuss the realisation of the (near) future of mobility. What needs to happen to the infrastructure? What is needed for sharing? How will the cities change and what are the next urban commons?

The Real Future - what do we need to live the envisioned future?


> Bas van der Poel - SPACE10

Bas van de Poel is a Creative Strategist at IKEA’s research and design lab for future-living — SPACE10. His work obsesses over designing smarter and more sustainable ways of living. Current interests and research areas include urban mobility, solar energy, shared living, open fabrication and augmented intelligence.

At SPACE10 he worked on Spaces on Wheels, a visual exploration of how fully autonomous vehicles could one day enable a more fulfilling, everyday life.

> Ferdinand Burgersdijk - Omega Consulting - advisor MaaS Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

In a changing society, we are heading towards openness, co-operation and innovation so we can fulfil our need for instant gratification. This requires a lot of foresight, and understanding of human interaction and generic data. With a background in human resourcing and IT, I do the outmost to bring these two together.
Being able to understand the human need from a user perspective, through analysing the systematic flow and strategy of companies/industries, and resulting in organising generic data requests. From a practical sense looking for relevance, efficiency and effectivity. Influencing, persuading and getting the message across to the different stakeholders so we can get things done collectively. Ferdinand’s current work field is Mobility: contributing to a self regulating, multimodal and level playing field.

MaaS is is his main focus, he advises the Program manager and the team at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management on the strategic options leading towards choices facilitating the mobility market to get MaaS up and running.

> Melanie Gorka - digital strategist - creative lead OV-fiets

Melanie is an inspired systems thinker & digital strategist with international experience, as such bringing a global and diverse perspective to projects. As a design leader Melanie coaches teams to pursue big goals while ensuring details are executed well. Her passion is making the world a better place, through social entrepreneurship, business and creative strategy for fortune 500+ companies, civic hacking, and human centered design.

Her current interests and work include creating technologies and wearables for health, fashion and urbanism, sustainable development, research on biomimicry, and supply chain innovation.

At she works as creative lead for the team responsible for OV-fiets.

> Michal Čáp - researcher TU Delft & AMS institute

Michal Čáp is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Cognitive Robotics, TU Delft, and a research fellow at AMS Amsterdam. His research interests include motion planning, multi-robot trajectory coordination, and modeling, analysis and optimization for large-scale mobility systems.

At AMS Institute, Michal is developing mathematical models that provide insights into the performance of future on-demand transportation systems and uses them to estimate the impact of their large-scale deployment.

19:15h Welcome
19:30h Talks
21:00h Drinks

This event will is organised in collaboration with and is part of Eweek 2018.