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Talks: Resurrecting IoT darlings / design for extended lifecycle.

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Iskander S. and Pieter D.
Talks: Resurrecting IoT darlings / design for extended lifecycle.


A ThingsCon Salon about what can happen when a the digital side of your favourite smart product dies and how to design resilient IoT products that are responsibly and trustworthy.

16:00 - 18:00 Workshop in bringing IoT products back to live. Products that we will resurrect together:
> Pebble Smartwatch*
> Little Printer*
> Nabaztag
> ... (bring your own)
! if you want to be part of this workshop please RSVP at

* Pieter did a short write up on how to bring back to life these dead IoT devices and review what it is like to perform this voodoo and use the resurrected product:

18:00 - 19:00 Break

19:00 - 21:00 Talks on creating resilient IoT products. Speakers include:
> The Rebble team, who will share their adventures in keeping the Pebble Smartwatch alive and what we can learn from it.
> Bas Flipsen - senior researcher at iFixit, lecturer at TU Delft - will talk about repairability of products and the design dilemma's involved
> Dries de Roeck - ThingsCon board member, researcher Studio Dott - will discuss how a long life cycle is key to creating a trust worthy IoT product and obtaining the Trustable Technology Mark
> Ianus Keller - For inspiration only, will reflect on the highs and lows of being an early adopter of IoT products (and having a drawer full of lifeless Kickstarter products)
! if you want to be in the audience for the talks please RSVP at the top of this page

Detailed info:
What happens when the digital service that powers your favourite smart product/watch/printer/rabbit stops working? You are often left with a beautiful but lifeless physical counterpart. But in special cases communities form that bring your smart darling back to life. In this Easter inspired Thingscon Salon we want to learn from these IoT voodoo-masters; how to do it, why do they do it, what are their experiences and what can we learn for development of future smart products.

There will be a workshop where participants can perform this resurrection hands-on and in the evening there will be talks/discussion with the IoT voodoo masters and other experts on the why’s, experiences and what lessons are there to be learned for future connected products.

Since resurrection is the topic we are very pleased to host the event in the beautiful 1950's 'Het Steiger' church in the center of Rotterdam:
Citykerk Het Steiger Sint Dominicus
1e Nieuwstraathof 2 · Rotterdam, ZH
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