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ThingsCon Salon #16: Technology in Circular Fashion

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Ashlee V. and Gaspard B.
ThingsCon Salon #16: Technology in Circular Fashion


:::We are excited to bring you this salon as part of the program for Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week (

Achieving a Circular Economy in fashion and textiles hinges on a few critical factors. Technology to repair, redistribute, reuse, remanufacture and recycle is of course needed, but cooperation between the different stakeholders in the supply and value chain is also a challenge. Once we have the technology to make things more sustainable and circular across the chain, how can we foster collaboration between actors for the benefit of circularity? How can parties cooperate when their business assets are their trade secrets (data) and/or (exclusive) access to materials/goods which need to be revealed in order to make them circulate?

In this salon, we have put together an evening of talks on the challenges and opportunities in circular fashion in partnership with the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week. We will round up the evening in plenary by reflecting on the outcomes of these talks in an interactive panel. So bring your questions and concerns to discuss for this crucial matter facing industry today.

SPEAKERS: - Marina Toeters
Marina Toeters ( operates on the cutting edge of fashion technology and fashion design. Through her business she stimulates collaboration between the fashion industry and technicians for a relevant fashion system and supportive garments for everyday use. She advises, amongst others, Philips Research and the European Space Agency on product development. As a teacher, coach and researcher, she works for the fashion department in the Utrecht school of Arts, textile department at Saxion University for applied science and industrial design faculty in the Eindhoven University of Technology.

GoodFashionFriend - Gaspard Bos and Fransje Christiaans
GoodFashionFriend is an initiative by Gaspard Bos and Fransje Christiaans that is setting up a platform for secondhand and vintage clothing retailers, starting with Rotterdam. They photograph the inventory and use algorithms to automatically tag the items for size, color and category and then recommend them based on personal style. Furthermore, they allow clothes to be transported from different stores to one location to make things more convenient for the customer and make these remote sales possible.

Fashion For Good - Brittany Burns
Fashion for Good ( is the global initiative that’s here to make all fashion good.
By sparking and scaling innovation, by offering practical action in the form of support, funding and roadmaps, and by fostering sector-wide collaboration rather than competition, we enable the daring invention and widespread adoption of good fashion practice.
With an Innovation Hub in Amsterdam, a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley and a global network of change makers, Fashion for Good reimagines how fashion is designed, made, worn and reused so that people, companies and the planet can all thrive.

Doors open 19h
Talks 19:30h
Drinks 21h

Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16 · Amsterdam, NH
18 spots left