Building Socially Inclusive Design Systems

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How to find us

The Meetup takes place in the Sevenval Office in the Deichmannhaus - directly in front of the cologne mainstation. Just enter the building through entry 1 and then use the stairs or the elevator to reach the 3rd floor.

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To further build our community around Cologne we are establishing the Think About! Stammtisch. Join us for great and healthy food with drinks, interesting talks and wonderful attendees.

Join us for the talk "Building Socially Inclusive Design Systems" by Tatiana Mac.


18:30 – Opening Doors & Food
19:00 – Talk
19:30 – Q&A and discussions
20:00 – Socializing


Design systems have become the de facto approach for teams of all sizes to design anything and everything. As prototyping and development tools evolve to accommodate these systems, the barrier to entry is becoming lower and adaptation is becoming simpler.

The love for design systems makes sense: they provide a scalable, flexible infrastructure that allows a team to create consistent work far into the future. Dissecting its social impact through its technical traits, we'll look at how to build a design system conscientiously, resisting systematic problems in order to create more accessible and inclusive systems.



Tatiana Mac is an independent American designer who works directly with organisations to build clear and coherent products and design systems.

She believes the trifecta of accessibility, performance, and inclusion can work symbiotically to improve our social landscape digitally and physically. When ethically-minded, she thinks technologists can dismantle exclusionary systems in favour of community-focused, inclusive ones.

Never totally pleased with design tools, she designs in browser to bring performant, semantic, and accessible visual narratives into the web. Her current obsessions are optimising variable fonts, converting raster images into to SVGs, and recreating modernist paintings in CSS grid. When she can successfully escape vim, she finds new countries to explore (34 and counting).




Think About! is a tech community which focuses not only on technology but also on design and their social impact. It creates a safe and inspirational space for everyone, and we really mean everyone.

Our belief is that society needs diversity in order to continue a healthy and critical dialogue. For this reason, we want to bring together diverse individuals and enable them to challenge themselves and each other.




SEVENVAL – Digital Pioneers since 1999
We have consistently focused our work on the needs of the customers and users since 1999. Our starting point is not the technical feasibility but the analysis of business models, needs and goals. To this end, our staff in Cologne and Berlin with their expertise in consulting, UX design and technology develop user-friendly solutions and products.



As a Think About! meetup attendee we ask that you respect our code of conduct.

See you soon!