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This is a meetup where anyone is welcome to attend and support the speakers and the idea but all the speakers will be Queer.

It exists to give a voice to everyone, to make a safe space where everyone is welcome.

Join us! There will be stickers 🌈

Amazing vegan and vegetarian food and cool drinks will be provided for free by Dunckelfeld.



#Talk: Combining art history and frontend development (Nils Binder)

About Nils (He/Him):
Hey, I'm a UI/UX designer and part-time coder @9elements. Also, I'm an origami enthusiast spending hours folding paper.

Medium: @nilsbinder
Twitter: @supremebeing09

#Talk: How to make accessibility important at your workplace (David Bailey)

About David (They/He):
I’m a 19-year-old software engineer from the UK, living near London. I specialise in developing fast and accessible JavaScript-based websites and apps. I’ve also built my own experimental web framework.

Twitter: @davidbailey00
Website: https://davidbailey.codes/

#Talk: Will follow (Alejandra Villa)

About Alejandra (She/Her):
I'm a digital nomad with 13+ years of web design/development experience. Having a mix of Information Science bachelor's degree and a mix of self-taught technology discovery, I have been lucky to see a lot of sides of the spectrum of the web's blossoming. I'm currently in love with Front-end JavaScript development and the magic it brings to modern day applications.

Website: http://alxvilla.me/
Twitter: @AlxSavage


Dunckelfeld – The Digital Brand Agency

DUNCKELFELD is one of the leading independent full-service agencies for digital communication in Germany. We help brands and companies to solve the most diverse challenges of the digital age.

Website: https://www.dunckelfeld.de/


Think About! is a tech community which focuses not only on technology but also on design and their social impact. It creates a safe and inspirational space for everyone, and we really mean everyone.

Our belief is that society needs diversity in order to continue a healthy and critical dialogue. For this reason, we want to bring together diverse individuals and enable them to challenge themselves and each other.

Website: https://think-about.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thinkaboutconf

As a meetup attendee we ask that you respect the code of conduct: