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Early on in my career as a pastor I realized that, for most guys, there isn't an arena in their lives where they can dig deep in conversation with other men, expound on what they actually believe and entertain new ideas, that's completely safe and encouraging.

Because of that, since 2013 I've been hosting forums where men of every philosophical and religious stripe can get together and hash out life's most important subjects. We've held these at neighborhood pubs, backyard bonfires, and bookstore coffeeshops.

Today as a team member with Cru City and founder of the Think Institute, my mission is to create opportunities for believers, seekers and skeptics to engage together in meaningful dialogue about God, the world, and mankind, seeking truth in conversation.

And so I've created Think Tank to do just that.

Our discussions are facilitated from the perspective of a Christian worldview, which I hold to. Discussion prompts are based on Bible verses relevant to the topic du jour. You do not need to adhere to any religious or non-religious system or have any biblical, theological or philosophical knowledge to engage or enjoy these conversations. What we typically find is that everybody learns something, and mostly everyone seems to enjoy the meetings regardless.

Conversations are currently for men only (though we may open them up to women in the future). Gentlemen and aspiring gentlemen, hooligans, weekend warriors, family men and bachelors, couch potatoes, the upwardly-mobile and the down-and-out are all equally welcome.

We will try to keep these located outside, around a bonfire. BYOB (beer or bourbon, etc.), cigars and pipes welcome but not expected or mandatory (and if enough people speak up, we can make these smoke-and-alcohol free. It's about the conversation, not the other stuff).

Upcoming events (1)

Miracles & the Supernatural Discussion

City News Cafe

Men, come to a moderated, Bible-based discussion on the subject of Miracles and the Supernatural. Wednesday, October 23 at 7 p.m. at City News in Portage Park, Chicago. The goal of Think Tank conversations is to create a free, secure environment for men to discover truth in conversation by discussing important subjects together. Christians and non-Christians welcome (be prepared to show & receive mutual respect). Biblical knowledge is appreciated but certainly not required. Space is limited so RSVP ASAP. Invite a buddy who needs to be there.

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God Discussion

Foundation Tavern & Grille

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