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Thinking Box – A book club but with videos
Thinking Box is a fun, engaging and easy to host discussion process available to anyone in their own community. Our aim is to create opportunities for people to gather, connect and have great discussions in a safe space at minimal or zero cost. We provide support for the growing movement of engaged citizens with raised awareness who are able to think for themselves and are interested in serving the greater good. We don’t make any profit and we are 100% volunteer run.

Visit our website here http://thinkingbox.info/

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March Thinking Box


The theme of this session is connection – with others and ourselves. In a world where division happens do we need to connect with people different from ourselves? Do we need to become aware of where we see division or when people divide us from others? In the first half we explore how and when we might pigeonhole people and how we can connect instead, particularly with strangers. Are we missing out on the joy of unexpected connection? In the second half we re-visit a TED classic and with it explore how we can connect better with ourselves, tap our gifts and enable others to flourish too. General information Another Thinking Box of watching and discussing inspirational online talks. We will watch some of the best online talks and films on a variety of topics and then discuss informally in small groups and the whole plenary. All this with a diverse group of friendly thinkers with a coffee break in the middle. We begin at 2pm so arrive a little earlier if you would like to buy a coffee! £2 on the door to cover admin costs. This meeting will be held downstairs of the main cafe Town centre location so lots of parking nearby For more information about Thinking Box including a short video on how a session works visit http://www.thinkingbox.info

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February Thinking Box


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