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Annie Duke notes: “We can get better at separating outcome quality from decision quality, discover the power of saying, ‘I’m not sure,’ learn strategies to map out the future, become less reactive decision-makers, build and sustain pods of fellow truth-seekers to improve our decision process, and recruit our past and future selves to make fewer emotional decisions.”

The purpose of the meetup is to bring like-minded people together to help each other improve our decision-making processes.

This decision meetup is focused on creating small on-going decision pods groups (or as Annie calls them in her book, learning groups) that will help us improve our accuracy, accountability, and openness to diverse views. We are here to set and abide by clear rules: 1. Court dissent and differing perspectives, 2. Take responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Thisis a pilot project that Annie Duke is sponsoring - we will be exploring how to best form these decision pods, the process for benefiting from them, what we will need to make them sustainable, and how we can transition this into a larger national phenonmenon.

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Thinking in Bets Learning Group Pilot

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