What we're about

Are you a fan of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill?

Do you have big goals, desires, and/or dreams but aren't sure how to make them happen or have had trouble getting started?

Or have you been able to obtain some success in some area of your life but know deep inside that you haven't achieved your full potential yet and want to take things up a few notches?

So are we. We are entrepreneurs, working professionals seeking to break free of the 9-5, athletes looking to level up our human potential, and people seeking more health, wealth, and meaningful relationships in our lives!

Our group is committed to seeing that we achieve these and much more by studying the same principles of success that have built more fortunes and turned more "nobody's" into ultra successful people in the known recorded history of mankind.

Each month we go over concepts such as
1. Proper Goal Setting
2. Mindsets for Goal Achieving
3. The "Law of Attraction" - What 'is' it really and how do we properly invoke it?
4. Autosuggestion principle, and what is it 'really' in 21st century terms?
5. How to create a 'true' Master Mind and why most "masterminds" are really bona fide brainstorming sessions.
6. The importance of having a 'Burning Desire' and why having one is a PREREQUISITE if you really want your goal to succeed.
7. The Power of Imagination
8. Finding one's Purpose
9. The Real Meaning of 'Sex Transmutation' as mentioned in the book

...and much more!

We usually allocate a bit of time for people to do a bit of networking as well. Come learn, share, dine (if you're hungry) and network!

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